My Rest and Relax Taipei Trip Part 2

Friday, February 07, 2014

[Holiday + Food Trip] Hello guys! Im taking a break from beauty posts for a moment coz I suddenly remembered ... I FORGOT TO POST MY TAIPEI TRIP TIL NOW. Hahhaha ~ opps. Continuing from my previous Taipei Part 1 :, here's the rest of my Typhoon Taipei!
Day 3 - Addiction Aquatic Development (上引水產) 
Haha it was really a TYPHOON Taipei holiday coz it was typhoon season and we didnt want to change our tickets so we crossed our fingers and went ahead with the trip. But nothing deterred us from pigging out and that was exactly what we did!
Situated in the midst of a busy, traditional fish market, Addiction Aquatic Development is Mitsui Group’s latest venture and one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Taipei.  Founded in 1992, Mitsui Group now runs some of the highest rated Japanese restaurants in Taipei that are best known for their fusion of minimalist design and top quality cuisine.  AAD aims to “restore vitality to the fish market” and stands as Taipei’s answer to Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market.
Heading in .. it was pretty HUGE! 
There were so many different kinds of live seafood, all you needed to do was to pick something out, pay, choose to bring it home or request for one of the restaurants there to cook it for you. Alternatively, you can just head to any of the restaurants and pick something off the menu. 
The standing Japanese restaurant displayed fresh seafood in front of the open kitchen so we decided to order off the menu since we were going for sashimi and smaller portions.
The queue was quite horrendous, being such a popular touristy place. We had to take a number, and wait along side with around 20-30 people. And then... the Japanese sushi restaurant has no SEATS! We had to stand and eat after all the queuing. Girls in heels, good luck.
Food selection was good though and the service was brisk. 
Not exactly the best or freshest, but will do :)
This crab was yummy though!
Once you head outside, there is a outdoor grill restaurant that would also allow you to pick your live seafood to grill. We had scallops, prawns and live abalones which was far more superior than the Japanese sushi meal that we had inside.
Yums! Live scallop, abalone and prawn lightly seasoned with salt and grilled over hot stones.
... And got SEATING. 
Addiction Aquatic Development
Address: No 18, Alley 3, Lane 410, Ming Zhu East Road, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2508-1268
Hours: 6am-9pm
It started to drizzle so we decide to head back to the hotel
The weather was very bad that afternoon so we spent our time at the bar ahahaha
-Day 4-
Check out the rain ~ le sigh
Cant even see Taipei 101 properly from our room
We kept abreast with the weather by constantly watching the news! 
We decided to brave the rain and head out for brunch since we were sick of staying in the room
And the hubby is ultra-sweet! Finally he agreed to head to PINKIE PINKIE LAND with me!
Yes .....!
The popular BARBIE CAFE in Taipei!
We've been to the Hello Kitty Cafe before.. but this is the first time to Barbie cafe!
Barbie Cafe, which is licensed by toy giant Mattel, - features hot pink sofas, tables shaped like high-heeled shoes and chairs decked out with tutus. You'll see the wait staff wearing pink Barbie logo T-shirts, matching tutus, Barbie armbands, glitter and tiaras. Unsurprisingly, the color scheme of the cafe is nearly exclusively shades of pink.
I love the cake display area! It looked exactly like something out of a dollhouse!
Looking intently at the menu
Even the male waiters are in pink!
Having been to theme cafes .. they all have one thing in common. 
The food sucks. But there's usually a minimum spending (yes, really) so I just anyhowly ordered set lunches for the both of us.
But I love love love the decor la!
It was like .. wahhhhh ~barbieeeeeeeeee.. I played with Barbie when I was young, so its really reminiscent for me! My childhood...
Barbie Cafe
2F, No.128 Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road
 Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan
But after an unsatisfying lunch and desserts at Barbie Cafe.. we were still hungry! 
Fave food in Taipei and very near the cafe too! (Around 10 mins stroll)
阿宗麵線 why u soooo yummeh!!!!!!
Since it was still raining ... We decided to go to the Museum see see look look
The National Palace Museum is an antique museum in Shilin, Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the national museums of the Republic of China, and has a permanent collection of more than 696,000 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world.
National Palace Museum
11143, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District, 至善路二段221號
+886 2 2881 2021
Soon it was evening so we headed back to our hotel!
It was raining again so we borrowed an umbrella from the hotel and chiong!
We had dinner reservations near our hotel and even though it was Typhoon, we decided to take the risk and head out! 
Cuisine M
Cuisine M is the Xinyi branch of Taipei's popular Japanese restaurant Mitsui, which is by the Mitsui Group that also runs Aquatic Addiction Development. Cuisine M is known for its lush deco, fresh sashimi and their list of wines and beer in-house.
I like the deco of Cuisine M, it was very elegant but a tad dark! Except for the bright open kitchen, the rest of the dining area was pretty dark! But it was pretty crowded for a weekday night and the staff was very knowledgeable and familiar with the menu.  
We ordered the set dinner and I was soooo stuffed by the end of the meal! The food was good, not really great and I found it a tad expensive for local standards. Service was impeccable though.
Cuisine M 
1 Song Zhi Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Last Day in Taipei
It only on our final day in Taipei that the skies cleared up!
We had a late afternoon flight so we headed to Ximending for some yummy street food before checking out!
Cheeseeee potatoes!
I could eat street food all day, whole day in Taipei coz they are soooo delicious! 
Whats your favorite street food?
Anyways, thanks for looking and as promised! 
A short video of my trip to Taipei by my hubby! Enjoy the video and I'll be back soon! xo
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