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Saturday, February 15, 2014

[Hair Makeover] Hello guys! Before I head into other posts, perhaps you would have noticed my new look for the new year in some of my recent pictures. Following my previous Ash Blond hairstyle cut and color by Essensuals Bugis here :, I wanted to do something radically DIFFERENT for 2014!
 My previous bleaching and SUP Yoga (StandUp PaddleBoard Yoga) sessions out at sea left my hair feeling dry and damaged. And although doing frequent hair treatments would help rectify my situation, I felt I needed to do something dramatic this time round!
 Lets GO!
 Back to trusty Bryan to help salvage my hair.
 First up, a wash by the ever kind and gentle hair assistant. Her blow drying skills are just as great! I always enjoyed my hair being blown by her coz they last forever.
 Here we go.
Heart beating at like 2423846 miles an hour
 Me acting cute although quite nervous lol
 Bye bye hair!
 After the cut, its time to darken my hair color
 Followed by a pampering hair treatment while I use the salon's wifi to catch up on my movies
A new shorter crop! I feel so LIGHT and refreshed now!
I debuted this style for Chinese New Year Day 1 and I think everyone was pretty shocked at my new short look! So far Im really LOVING it ~ I save so much on shampoo and I love how light this hairstyle is. It reminds me of the styles I saw while I was in Korea and the darker ash color complements my tanned skin too. :) 
Thanks Bryan and the team at Essensuals Bugis! 
Im really digging my new haircut and so far my friends have been really nice and saying that they love shorter hairdo lol! I  haven had short hair for the longest time but frankly, this isnt too short too, eh! I wonder if I will ever dare a pixie-cut.. which is my ultimate dream look! But in the meantime .. this is good enough! Keke. Thanks for dropping by, guys! Off to a birthday party (woots!) and then dinner. This weekend would be busy, busy, busy for me! 
Back soon! Have a great weekend!

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Bye! xo

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  1. Where is the dress from? So nice. Any other colours

  2. Hi dear! Sorry for the late reply, its from :) Its by Threefloor. No other colors but there's other colors in slightly different designs.


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