Winter in Korea

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Travel + Video] Hellooooooo! This post is super overdue but looking at the pictures from December .. I really cant wait to make a trip back to Seoul! Yes it was superrr cold there (I had to wear thermal and heavy coats!), language was abit of a barrier and the taxi drivers all not friendly one! Always refuse to go by meter, irritating dao. BUT it was really fun! Love the fashion, makeup, skincare and food there! 
Winter in Korea, Seoul

We decided to take an early morning flight to Seoul so that we will reach there by evening and have dinner before we rest for the night. (We're two old people and we dun do red-eye flights as well as before, so...)
All bleary-eye at 7 in the morning! 
Seoul .. here we come!
Check out my #unicorn earring~ so loves!
Winter! All we can see is white,white white from the top!
Background story : This trip was arranged coz we were there to meet our other friends who were at the ski resort with their families. As we didnt want to ski this trip round, we met them back in the city (Seoul) for a couple of days together. Since our friends will be arriving from the ski resort the next day, we decided to put up in W Hotel in Walkerhill for the night before joining them at Park Hyatt in Gangnam. 
We were soooo tired and it was cold and dark outside so we headed to the hotel's restaurant for a quick bite. 
Nomu serves contemporary Japanese food
I loved the deco in Nomu! 
Sushi counter
Food-wise, the presentation is fabulous but not memorable. 
Foie gras sushi was nice, though.
Right after dinner we wanted to have a quick nightcap at WOOBAR
Cute coaster! (WOO is my surname btw! So its my bar! LOLOLOl *as if)
The next morning... View at breakfast
Bye W!
We checked into Park Hyatt in Gangnam with our friends and we went for lunch! View of my room in Park Hyatt. Love the minimalistic design.
Love the hearty food there!
The children had a great time!
My monkey babies xx
So cuteeeeee
Can u guess whose kids = mummies? LOLOL
After lunch, the girls headed off to shopping while the daddies brought the children to play! Great job guys lolol.
We dropped by Hermes for coffee (and a round of shopping lolol)
Perfection =  sharing desserts with girlfriends xx
This pic is soooo funny! #heavyhands
For dinner, we had a very good meal at The Bulgogi House!
The food and service is awesome. The customers here are also mostly locals and it was very crowded. Advanced booking recommended.
Our mini bus coz there was so many of us! 
Night shopping at Dongdaemun
The shops open very very late, think 2am late!
Dongdaemun is mainly a wholesale area, with many shopping malls to cater to various shoppers. There are many local business owners, so the shops here mainly cater to them. U can bargain alittle but usually they are not interested in selling 1-2 pieces. A great place if u intend to buy wholesale or if u are with a group of friends and u guys can share.
It was slightly snowing that day :)
The only stuff I managed to buy are small trinkets like keychains, though!
Feeling hungry, we walked around for a small restaurant or cafe to rest our feet.
Walked into a small lane and we could smell the aromatic BBQ chicken wings on grill!
Local beer and freshly grilled/fried chicken wings on a cold winter's night!
The next morning in Gangnam ..........
We're a stone's throw away from the huge Hyundai Mall! Had lunch there and checked our of Grand Hyatt for Westin Chosun since our friends are all heading back to SG that afternoon.
On the way .........
Hello Westin Chosun
Located right smack in the middle of the busy Myeongdong area .. I love this hotel the most! Although its alittle old.. but the location is fantastic! I recommend staying in this hotel if u ever head to Seoul :)
Threw our bags down and headed to Myeongdong!!!!!!!!
Love the buzz.. the shopping and all the free skincare they hand out on the streets!!!! LOLOLOL
Busy streets of Myeongdong
My fav shopping mall : Shinsega 
Huge international brands and I didnt manage to buy much coz its all winter wear. Heng arh....... many the save money!!!!!
Live show with TV crew filming in the middle of the streets 
Once again.. we simply walked into a restaurant along a small lane!
The food here is nice!!! 
Yumsss *love instant noodles in kimchi soup!*
We had a huge seafood stew and it was so yummy especially when it was like 5 degrees outside.
Popped by Lotte Young Plaza (롯데백화점-영플라자) which was a stone's throw away from my hotel and found STYLENADA!!!!!!!!!! WOOTS!!!!!!
BUSY DAO~ very engrossed. Its the first time I came across 3CE in person although I have seen koreas raving abt it! But is really nice, colors r pigmented and the powders dun oxidize. Best of all the prices are reasonable. Comparative to brands like Etude House and TheFaceShop, but much trendier.
Heading back to the hotel for the night.
The next morning... 
The last day in Seoul! 
Took a nice walk around the hotel
Went to Lotte departmental store 
Had Hanwoori for lunch 
Its one of the top 10 restaurants in Korea :
Its extremely busy, but we managed to get a seat after a short wait.
Brought the hubs (to his dismay) to Hermes!
La Maison Hermès Dosan Park Seoul is the only one with a cafe and museum 
Opening hours
The museum 
Coffee break
Tiramisu again!
Pic from my instagram
H for happy!
La Maison Hermès Dosan Park Seoul
630-26 Shinsa Dong – Gangnam-gu – Seoul 135-895
Took a taxi to Chrome Hearts 
Chromes Hearts has a strict no-picture policy inside.. so only can take outside! zzzzzz
Chrome Hearts Boutique
82-6 Cheongdam-dong (Gangnam-gu), Seoul, Korea
MCM Flagship was a few doors down so...
MCM HAUS 78-12 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Opposite MCM was The Galleria 
Center City Store in Seobuk-gu, Cheon-an, Chungcheongnam-do
As night falls.. back to Namdaemun!
Namdaemun Market is a large traditional market in Seoul, South Korea. The market is located next to Namdaemun, the "Great South Gate," which was the main southern gate to the old city. It is the oldest and largest market in Korea.
We wanted to have something local for dinner!
So we ordered some food and soju, sitting in the middle of the alley.
It was FREEZING! But what an experience!
Soju + beer! YUMS
Eat eat drink drink!
Took a taxi back to Myeongdong
Still so lively! Love this area
Eat somemore
Walked alot 
Night cap at a local pub
Dragon beard candy! My fave!!!!
Kind hawker gave me some to eat on spot while he did my order :)
Retired back to the hotel with a present from le hubs :))))
The next morning, before we checked out of Westin .. we headed to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market! My fave place to eat live seafood! 
Rows and rows of seafood ~ 
Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market (or Noryangjin Fish Market for short) is the best place in Seoul to get fresh seafood at competitive prices. The market is both a wholesale outlet, trading in daily catches that arrive from every possible location, and also a retail market, where the public can get seafood at very low prices. Moreover, there are many restaurants lining the market which serve hoe (raw fish) so you can enjoy fresh hoe while visiting. 
I love this place! U can get really fresh seafood at a good price but u have to bargain ahahahha! They speak mandarin so dun be afraid of the language barrier. 
After buying ur seafood, head up to any of the restaurants and get them to cook the fresh seafood. Its damn yums one, seriously!!!!!!!
We love fresh clam soup!
We really enjoyed the fresh seafood there!!! 
I even had LIVE SQUID *cover mouth*
And abalone is an absolute must! 
They are soooo cheap there! I like mine BBQ-ed, with a sprinkle of sea salt.
Enjoyed lunch very much!!!!!!!!
Heading to airport..................
Took a pic on the way ~ sooo pretty 
What a fun, fun trip!
And then... back home! 
Leaving u a video on our fabulous trip! Its a little long at 5 mins, but hope u like it! #lovelymemories
Hope u enjoyed the pics!!!!! 
Back soon xoxoxo
p.s Am thinking of re-decorating part of my room .. if u have any good Interior Deco to recommend, please leave me a comment/tag or email! Thank u in advance! :D
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  1. i love your hair!! so healthy! hehe. nice pictures!

  2. Hi Shirley! Haha its not looor! It was the weather in Korea that made it so nice! No frizz at all! :p But thks heheh! xo

  3. Hi Elanie,

    I have following your blog for sometime and I love reading it!
    Thumbs up for all the korea pics...

    I love your hair here. May I know which salon and hairstylist is that?

    Thanks :)

  4. Hi dear! My hair color and cut is by Bryan in Bugis Essensuals but I did get my fringe trimmed in korea as it was getting too long and poking my eye :)

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