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Thursday, May 01, 2014

[Mother's Day Special Promo] Hi everyone! Welcome to May! Time flew by like crazy and what... now we are almost reaching mid-year??! Wow! Today is Labor Day (Yay to P.H!) and I'll be flying off to Bangkok for a short holiday over the weekend. There's a couple of holidays this month (Vesak Day next week) and then its Mother's Day

In all seriousness.. I do think that Mother's Day is highly anticipated, ( I mean if you compare it to Father's Day...) - There's so many things to buy and do! There's flowers, presents, dinners .. the list goes on. But every day can be Mother's Day if you decide to make a little effort, isnt it. :)
10 Scotts
Last week I had a great tête-à-tête session at Grand Hyatt with my mum coz I have been forever telling her how nice this place is, with its free-flow coffee & tea selection during the high tea buffet. (I really have no idea why some hotels have started charging for additional cups of coffee/tea.. I mean do u really expect me to have one cup for the whole duration..Shangri-la???)
My mum and me!
The food at 10 Scotts is not fantastic but its not bad, considering that you can top up any item from the tier. I particularly like their Asian selection, like the popiah and curry puff. 
The kind staff will also ask if you would like your scones during the session, making sure that they are nice and warm. Just the way I like it!
The crabcake is also marvelously yummy! And the tar tar sauce that it comes with is seriously addictive. (We both had seconds.)
There's also a small warm food spread including a soup of the day. 
Mum and I ate til we can't move! Keke.
Right after our high tea session, I arranged Mum to have a manicure & pedicure at my usual nail hunt... MILLY'S Hair.Lashes.Nails at Far East Plaza! (Actually it was perfect timing coz I need to do my nails & touch up my eyelash extensions too!)
Did a small video! 
Millys Hair.Lashes.Nails 
These days, you have an abundant of choices when it comes to getting your hair and nails done. What differs Milly's from the rest is our belief in the quality of service, pricing, and quality. Milly's Hair Lashes Nails started off as the pioneer boutique outlet to provide Hair and Eyelash Extension Service in Far East Plaza and now has two branches in total with one more opening soon."
Me getting my nails done!
Spending some quality time with Mum (right after doing our nails. we went shopping and had dinner at Far East Plaza! Hahaha!)
My mum picked out a simple purple Gelish manicure and pedicure for herself that afternoon.
I did a slightly more intricate Gelish design ..
Inspired by my Charlotte Olympia Kitty shoes!!! [Pic from my instagram]
Love the monochrome look!
All hand-painted!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Milly's Hair.Lashes.Nails will be having a Mother's Day Promotion for 2 if you also wanna bring your mum for a relaxing afternoon! Your choice of Nails or Lash Extensions. P.S Please do call to make an appointment :D
For more information, please head to : 
Milly's Website : http://www.millys.org/
*Promo is valid til end of May*
Far East Plaza
    14 Scotts Road #03-131
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723
    Operating Hours : 11am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
    (Inclusive of Public Holidays)
 Booking & Enquries: 
 +65 6737 6723
 +65 8383 5395
Bugis Village
    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street, DESL No. 3, 4, 5
    Tel: 63384137
    Operating Hours : 12pm - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
    (Inclusive of Public Holidays)
 Booking & Enquries: 
 +65 6338 4137 
 +65 8383 5395 
Happy advance Mother's Day to all mummies out there!
Happy Labor day to all! Enjoy the weekend! 
Back soon.
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  1. Babe, is that a iphone app u use for the video?

  2. Hi my dear! Nope, its animoto software :)


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