Lunch at Sukiyaki

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[Personal] I realized my posts are either about lunch, dinner or cake. No wonder Im not losing any weight laaa! Just today, our waffles lunch turned to Sukiyaki buffet coz the cafe is closed! I cant believe it! A cafe closed from Monday to Wednesday~~~!!! *Insert facepalm* So anyways... We ended up at 112. 
Sukiyaki Lunch 
Buffet time!!!! 

The selection is okayyy... But for $18.90 (+ Another 30% discount with credit card)... Not bad leh!
Free flow drinks + fruits & ice cream 
If you're a meat person, the pork & beef slices were pretty fresh. Thinly sliced with some fat. 
The corn was not very good though.. Like it doesnt have any sweetness at all. 
Love steamboat! 
Baby fell asleep for awhile but after he woke up, I gave him a small piece of carrot (he didnt really like it) and some baby biscuits to keep him occupied. He's on solids now so I'll usually give him some food to try sans salt or seasoning.
I think he doesnt like carrots... 
He loves his Giraffe teether though!!!
Came with a side of entertainment...... 
Make that two...... 
So I can eat in peace! Hehe! Right after lunch, brought baby to cut hair! 
The "seat" so cute! 
"Hmmm ok.. I want a shorter do, with some slope, and length at the top. Trim and thin, not too much. Thanks" 
The end result....
Everybody... I HANDSOME ANOT???
I think same hairstyle as his Daddy!!! Hahaha! Okies bye.. Got to go prep his food. Sian. Its quite fun planning his meals.. But the clean-up is super sian!! Haaa coz he's on modified BLW (Baby led weaning) so sometimes he gets to eat with his hands and he usually end up throwing or smearing it all over! I'll try to take more pictures but usually my hands are just as dirty (and no hp on dining table rule) - so I dun usually capture him eating much. But I'll try! Its kinda cute really. (in a frustrating, messy way to an OCD person like me lol) Bye bye! 
Picture courtesy of Auntie P! Who randomly put a pink hat on my son! Haha!


























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  1. BB Lim is cute daozzzz....

    Enjoy & Treasure your motherhood journey!

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