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Thursday, October 01, 2015

[Review] Howdy guys! I hope everyone has been loading up on lotsa water, Vit C and plenty of  staying indoors as opposed to going out and breathing in all that HAZE! Apart from polluting our lungs, dust and smog is really bad for our skin! But thanks to BlackBox, The Beautiful Truth set Exclusive Blackbox is a perfect respite for my sensitive skin!
The Beautiful Truth October Exclusive Blackbox Review
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The Beautiful Truth October Exclusive Blackbox Review
SOTHYS Sensitive Discovery Range ($121 per set)
According to the 2013 International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 60% of women suffer from sensitive skin. To address this need, Sothys has developed a line containing thermal water from the town of Spa in Belgium. The gentle formulation is claimed to reduce skin sensitivity, helping block epidermal receptors responsible for the sensations of pain, irritation and itching on the skin's surface. The active water has a low mineral content, and a pH close to that of the skin.
Micellar Cleansing Water
This 2-in-1 cleanser with active ingredients of Blue and White Lotus extracts, cleanses the face and eyes gently, effectively and in one step. Soften and comfort sensitive skin. Cuts down time by removing light makeup without the need of rinsing off. 
For sensitive skins like mine, the SOTHYS Micellar Cleansing Water is actually a dream to use on a daily basis as not to aggravate my already dry skin. Regular foaming facial soaps tend to leave my skin feeling taut after each wash, but by using the Micellar Cleansing Water, it felt hydrated and non-irritated. 
Soothing SOS Serum 
To quickly neutralise permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limit skin irritation and reactivity. Thermal water to block key pain receptors (TRPV1) helps increase the tolerance threshold and Boldo extracts encourage the skin micro biome or flora to assist in the natural defence mechanisms.
Felt very velvety smooth upon application and I liked how the SOTHYS Soothing SOS Serum quickly calmed my skin down from all the haze (and a slight outbreak, eeks!). Its hypoallergenic formula also means that I can apply it anytime, any where, whenever my skin feels irritated and dry. 
Soothing Melting Fluid
An essential fresh fluid moisturiser for the comfort of sensitive skin with normal- combination oil flow. To protect - Soothe - Balance day after day. Because daily protection is essential for the comfort of sensitive skin.
Definitely one of my favorite products in this line-up. The SOTHYS Soothing Melting Fluid, true to its name, 'melted' into skin almost instantly and was extremely lightweight. I hate thick creams that threaten to leave my skin feeling greasy so this is an absolute dream to apply as it absorbed quickly and left my face feeling soft to the touch.
Nutri-soothing Mask 
An emergency care mask which maintains the balance of sensitive skin. Use it to envelop skin in softness and relieve sensations of discomfort. Immediate softening, decongesting and soothing effect (alleviation of redness).
This is SOS on a horrible skin day! The mask felt like a really hydrated moisturizer which could be applied 1x-2x a week, rinsed off or even left overnight. A god-sent on such days where my skin feels so polluted from the weather. Surprisingly, the mask rinsed off easily with no fuss and I could almost skip moisturizer as my face felt so hydrated and smooth.
D'Skin UV Defense ($138, 40ml)
This top quality UV Defense sunscreen is formulated and tested over many years with protection against 99.6% of UVA & UVB rays that are harmful to our skin. This sunscreen has NO LIMITATION to its effectiveness of SPF&PA unless the sunscreen is cleansed from our skin. This is made possible with the Patented Y-Titanium (Titanium Dioxide). Ascorbyl Glucoside provides Pure Whitening to lighten and balance overall skin tone as you apply this sunscreen daily.
The D'Skin UV Defense is a handy product that helps keep the sun at bay! It felt extremely lightweight and non-greasy on skin. The tinted fluid provided a light healthy sheen on skin, without making me feel like I was wearing a thick sunscreen mask out. It looked natural enough, yet it made my skin tone brighter, with a slight glow.
ITOH Japan Crystal Collagen 5300 ($34.40 Box of 16 bottles, 50ml)
 Delicious and refreshing in White Peach flavour. ITOH Japan Crystal Collagen has collagen which is a protein naturally produced by the body to support various body tissues such as bones, muscles and ligaments. Collagen works with another protein compound, elastin, to give firmness, tightness, and strength to the skin tissues.
This made in Japan collagen drink was soo yummilicious! Refreshing and delicious, especially when drank chilled on a hot day! So convenient pop these bottles in the fridge and grab one on the go. Actually I had to stop myself from wanting to drink another bottle! LOL
If you like to purchase The Beautiful Truth set, you can head over to: The best part is they are selling it at a promo price of ONLY $17.90 (U.P $261.15) for the first 40 sets! Better hurry and get it quick!
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