Bringing Baby Along

Thursday, October 08, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Been soooo tired these days and everytime my head hits the pillow I'll be fast asleep so sorry for not updating these days! The weather has been nothing but great so today I hand leg fast fast, booked a pedicure session and brought baby along! 
Pedicure Day At Milly's 
Baby is likeeee "Mummy u bring me go whereeeee.." 
See whose face (half a face) on the price menu BAHAHAHAHA 

Happy boy! 
Array of nail polish 
Im doing Gelish coz they last longer and actually I dun find them stinky at all! Or maybe coz its huge at Milly's Suntec branch so its really very well-ventilated. 
Time to choose color hmmmm..
Which color nice leh??
As usual.. Boring me chose a neutral color but this time it has teeny colorful dots that makes it really cute looking!
Almost there... Almost there! Done soon while hugging baby! *This is why I love babywearing!* 
And also had time to camwhore with my good friend Estheeeer ( Miss ya gal! Happy belated birthday too!!! Muacks ~
(Check out baby face. Like a stunned) 
Finally done my nails to prep for my secondary school friend's wedding + jie mei duties and our staycation this weekend!!!! Its going to be a busy weekend but first.... BABY FAIR TOMORROW (AGAIN) LOLOLOL. 
Okies my eyess are closing so I need to sleep liao. Good night! 
Back soon! xo
For more info, please head to : 
Suntec City Mall 
Tel : 62386216
Operating hours : 11am-10pm (Mon-Sun, inclusive of Public Holidays) 
Latest promo available at Suntec branch 
















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  1. You're looking so good babe!! Would reeeeally love to meet baby E soon!! xoxo

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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