Mummy's Market Babyfair

Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Personal] Heya guys! Wow I really should be sleeping but I guess wanted to post about the CRAZY crowd when I dropped by Mummy's Market babyfair at Expo!!!! I forgot it was the Children's Day school holidaysss???!!! No wonder people mountain people sea ~ zomgg! 
Mummy's Market Babyfair 
Buay song face ttm 
Its damn crazy crowded la! 
Usually I go on friday (first day) mornings and its usually quite ok.. But coz it was school holiday.. There was sooo many mummies with kids! 

With my Bedok mummies friends!!! Viv, I miss u & chubby chubs! 
We spilt up to continue shopping! 
There was alot of strollers... Luckily I babywear so easier for me to zip in & out 
If u need to buy a pump please get the Spectra brand! All my mummies friends swear by it! 
I took a "break" by dropping by the Yoomi counter! Had a lovely chat with Angela & she's so sweet to pass me some stuff which was perfect for my staycation today! 
I just did a review on it not too long ago! 
There's a current promo now at the babyfair! Buy a set and get a bottle free! 
Thanks Yoomi for ur small gift, and happy 1 year anniversary party today! Sorry I cant be there! 
Shopping continues... 
Think the crowd got even more crazy so I quickly wanted OUT! 
Bought some bibs from this Cubesofjoy and seriously they damn DUH lehhh. They are selling this particular brand of bibs that have a choice to attach a small teether to it so that baby doesnt lose his teether. Which is a brillant idea coz Elroy is teething & drooling + gumming stuff. So after trying to take a look at their sample (which they keep finding for it, zz u sell thing but cant find sample) - then best part... Never explain properly to me never mind, you let me buy the bib AND teether but only when I went home then I realised the bibs NOT COMPATIBLE with the teether. Someone say FACEPALM..??!! So now I either have to return or re-buy another bib so that I can use the teether................ 
Ok enoughhhhh liao! Need to run out for breather. 
Luckily my mummy friends chope table outside foodcourt so we could rest abit before heading to Changi City Point for lunch!!!!! 
Make my son go gai gai lol 
Off to Hans we go! 
Meatballs ahh meatballsss.. Why u so cutie pie!!! 
Then Abbie jie jie shared a sweet moment with Elroy!!!! Awwwwww!
Pretty Abbie! 
Group pic time!!!!
So fun to have my Bedok Mummy group and meeting up even though its for a short while! 
Love all the babies!!! 
Miss u all already! Counting down to our next gathering~ 
Ok my eyes going to close~ going to close~..... Jie mei duties & a wedding tomorrow and now currently on staycation in the same hotel! Haaaa! 
Thanks Yoomi for the Baby Disney toiletries!!' Waaay cute! Available at the babyfair too! 
Back soon!!! 
































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