Starting Solids ~ A Mish-Mash of Baby Elroy's Diet So Far

Friday, October 16, 2015

[Personal] With baby starting solids, I've became a tad more busy trying to prepare fresh wholesome food for him so that he can enjoy mealtimes together with the family. I've tried to delay solids even though he can sit up at 5 months as I wanted his digestive system to mature a wee bit more before introducing food. Breastmilk is still be his main source of nutrition so why hurry? Although well-meaning friends & family tell me I can start at 4 months, I really just wanted to start later. Besides.... At 97 percentile, he's not in a hurry to eat more!! LOL. 
Starting Solids 
I skipped the traditional cerealac route and started Elroy on steamed vegetables and fruits prepared fresh daily. Being a SAHM, I have the luxury to do so, but even if you're a FTWM, its also healthy to prepare weekly and then freeze then rest in portions for the following week. 

I try to avoid processed, store bought items like instant cereal (too much sugars) or pureed jar food and try to use fresh vegetables as much as possible. 
Doesnt really have to be organic all the time, but if its available, then I'll use it. (i'll talk more about it in a moment)
Yes I gave him Japanese rice! Lol but usually I'll stick to vegetables instead coz he loves carbs but I'll try to keep it balanced coz carbs are "empty calories" so I would prefer him not to have too much of it~ thank you haha! Organic vegetables & fruits... Yes please!!
I order my FreshBox ($70 per box, once a week with a choice of 1x, 2x or 4x at $265 a month) from SK Organics - a delivery service where they'll send you seasonal organic produce right to your doorstep. 
Someone gave us a Baeba steamer and its quite a useful tool coz I can separate portions just for baby. 
Organic rainbow carrots from my Freshbox 
Very sweet & full of goodness! 
Adult version Kale, avocado salad with carrots and feta cheese.
He usually likes his vegetables but prefers fruits coz they are sweet! Zzzz
Other than vegetables, I try to have some variety by giving him some brown rice aka Si Shen Fen on alternate days. Brown rice is alittle heaty so make sure baby drinks water during and after.
These are not instant so I have to cook them for awhile in my slow cooker before serving. Chop vegetables, add a tbspoon of Si Shen Fen and warm water. It takes 20-30 mins for it to be the right consistency. Serve at a comfortable temperature. 
I chop organic brocoli and carrots and he likes it! I try not to add breastmilk in order not to "mask" the taste of food. He should be exploring food even though milk is his main nutrition til he turn 1. 
Ok it looks abit erms.. but baby liked it! He finished it all lol. And yesterday I used baby pasta instead. Chopped some veg in for taste and color, with a drop of organic olive oil.
And gave him a slice of apple for dessert. He loves the organic apples from my Freshbox!! 
Hopefully he'll love food as much as I do lol and Im trying to introduce a range of healthy food and maybe try to steer him away from his Daddy's idea of "French fries are vegetables" (I know right..Fathers.) Macdonald-eating habit. Wish me luck! Haha! 
"I am baby eating apple Spartannnnn!" 
Bye guys! Have to prepare his food in a thermos before I head out for lunch with my girls! I'll leave u with some info on SK Organics Freshbox delivery but there's also a Farmers Market tomorrow morning so I'm heading down to purchase some fresh organic produce for the week. Here's some details for those who are interested. Farmer's Market is strictly by invitation so please RSVP for more info. 
Bye! xo 
 SK Organics Farmer’s Market (By Invitation only)
Date: 17th October 2015, Saturday
Time: 10am - 1pm
Venue: SK Organics’ office at 60 Paya Lebar Road, #06-20 Paya Lebar SquareSingapore 409051
(It is right by the side of Paya Lebar MRT Station.  If you drive, you can park at Paya Lebar Square car park or at adjoining Life Long Learning Centre Bldg, or at SingPost.  Please come to Paya Lebar Square Lobby One, Reception on 1st Flr.  
Register with the Reception and take the lift up to the 6th flr to the office #06-20).
At the Farmer’s Market event, you will see the display of a good variety of organic fruits and vegetables and other organic products. These products are officially certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). You will be able to buy them at members' prices without any pre-condition. It is like an organic farmer’s market - but closed doors and extended to family and friends only as a start. So, it will be great if you could come, and bring along your family and friends who are organic buyers or are interested to see what the organic produces are like. SK Organics's current plan for the event is to have it weekly. 
You can email : (thats my mum lol) to RSVP.
This is not a sponsored post, I purchased the FreshBox on my own accord. :)

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  3. I love my Beaba too! :) Elroy seems to really enjoy his food!

  4. Preparing food for baby is probably my hobby right now :) I enjoy it so much but I have to admit that I often prepare more food and freeze it to save time and go for a walk with baby instead.

    Just like you, I postponed solids until baby was about 6 months. Luckily, we didn't have troubles with breastfeeding and I wanted to keep on breastfeeding for some more time. When we started though, it was very exciting for both of us. Baby was experiencing foods different than milk and was very curious. When I introduced solids I used one very helpful guide ( )to do that because it is quite overwhelming at first and making sure you do this right is important.

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