A Day in the Life of My Toddler

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Its 2am!!! *jaw-drop* Although my sleep has been broken since God-knows-when (I mean I have a baby so which Mummy gets to sleep through, I would like to congratulate her) - This is the first time I am awake after a hectic day out! *Self-pat back* But seriously Im really awake.... coz the perfectionist in me is still trying to get the HTML for the new blogskin done right! I am officially cocked-eye now.. and might still be tomorrow...
A Day in the Life of Elroy 
Let's start from the top... We go to PlayClub (kinda like a playgroup thingy at Julia Gabriel) every week and the mad rush begins the moment I open my eyes. I have to get the active toddler ready, give him milk and a light breakfast then shower, drink coffee and pack the diaper bag in no particular order.
I make sure Elroy clears his toys before we leave the house!!! Coz he has a tendency to leave it all over the floor and woe be to who ever walks on them. My diaper bag is bursting today but again, I have no time to change bags. Who has time in the morning??? (I curse myself for silently getting the most gorgeous Minibe but Idk why its always so filled to the brim even when I try to pack as light as I can~!) Urghh. But cute bag hey. 
Phew made it to school on time and after breakfast at Kiliney
Singing, dancing, and artwork 
Its paint today and Elroy loves it! He's not too impressed when it gets on his hands so he'll usually wipe it all over the chair (oops sorry next toddler who sits on it) or he'll rub it on me and asks me to wash his hands. Like immediately. OCD, much baby??
CUTEST pose! Gangnam style yo
The aftermath. 
I get to drive in absolute peace *birds chirp gleefully*
Off to my parents' place coz Por Por whipped up lunch for us. Actually I took over my mum and cooked this today..  hence the only food picture.. muahahaha
Baby boy woke up and its lunchtime for the both of us

Soup bowl same size of his face me thinks. Boy loves his soup.
And his CORN.
My 'Im rushing so I'll grab any grey/black clothes' look!
And then home sweet home and the routine starts all over again ...

Everyday is like The Amazing Race, but its getting better! Im off to bed... Cya!

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  1. Still one of the most gorgeous looking mum's I know despite your hectic schedule :)

  2. Aww thank u my dear Ai! Always my sweetest Sakura flower muacks xx


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