Swim Time at the Chalet

Monday, November 21, 2016

Last week I gatecrashed (kidding) my mum's chalet that her friends organized! Wahhhh I suaku. Never go this nice and huge chalet in Changi Village before.
The view really buey pai! 

My catwalk model also buey pai ya. The leg can pose there 

Eating snacks coz the rest all gambling so we were bored!
Since the weather looked ok-ish, we headed down to the playground!
But ehhhhh... even chalet guests have to pay an entrance fee to use the amenities. WHY OH WHYYYY. Ok its $1 la, but still!
Actually I didnt bring his swim wear... but heng he wearing swim shorts so we just hiong into the baby pool
So pretty! I mean the colors of the pool
My sunnies match hor

Son emo-ing in the water, thinking of life in general.. 

Say whaaaaat
Gong simi????
Went for a quick shower at the public toilet and took a pic coz it looked so resort-like!
And lastly ......... Muahahahha the son buey tahan and koon the whole way home
Diaper bag of the day! My DSS BRB ~ Love how pretty the colors are!
Last but not least, love my new curtains! Done by my friend's hubby! Very wu sim, gave me suggestion and removed my old spoilt blinds so now we have these new curtains that look so chio (if I may say so myself ahahha) The old ones were a dark brown so it made the room look darker, and now with these new silver-ish ones, they brighten the room and making my bedroom look so cosy. Love it!

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