A Super Mario Birthday Party!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Ever since I became a mother, I've been attending dozens of BABY PARTIES! It used to be wedding invites.. now its all baby kids baby kids baby kids .. LOLOLOL
Super Mario 1st Birthday Party

HOW CUTE ARE THESE! Sibeh most effort friend of mine!!!! She designed and personally picked and bought all the stuff on the table to decorate! Sibeh swee la!

She needs a mustache to complete the look... ROFL
Kids and adult Goody bags!! Even the parents have something to bring home #YUSO spoil market LOLOLOL
Elroy LOVED the fried rice, like he really sat down there very quietly and ate and ate. And ate. I was mildly embarrassed that the server had to refill his fried rice around 4x....Like later ppl think I no gibe my son food to eat ya. Hahahhaaa #FreakingGreedySon
He didnt really go for the fries so I ate them Nuggets he also so-so only, so Daddy ate it. (Where is the curry sauce?)
Yep. Rice bin.
Daddy duties 
My act-yi-ge Mario boy!
*Watcha looking at*
With my lovelies!
Then back home.........
Rummaging through the goodies
He loved the toys!
I ate all the snacks la wahahahah, Thanks my dear friend L for the invite!!! Wishing Fred a Happyyyy 1st Birthday with good health! Auntie Elaine loves u cutie pie!!!! Scream more! Jump more! Love to see u angry wahahahahha damn cute I swear ~

Wah lan very gan chiong for tomorrow's launch of UKK 2.0... howwwwww. Dunno what to ff. If u dun need a diaperbag, I think u wun know what Im talking about LOLOLL #hardcoreJJB

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