Glam-It! The GlamPact Review

Thursday, November 24, 2016

First and foremost, I have to say that this is a review done entirely on my own accord :) I actually purchased this item coz as a mum juggling a young kid, - I have A TON of stuff to carry and sometimes I cant even find the space in my diaper bag for my makeup! I desperately wanted to downsize my makeup pouch a little, yet not willing to compromise on beauty, quality and convenience.
Glam-It! The GlamPact Review
Throwback : I was actually invited to the launch of Glampact V1.0 a few years ago! How time flies!
Unfortunately I couldn't find my V1.0 to compare it side by side with the Glampact V2.0! Aww! At first look, the V1.0 is a little bulkier, but the black or white casing looks a  little sleeker (from what I remembered!) Lets open the V2.0 and take a closer look, shall we.    
The beauty about Glampact is that you can choose individual modules to fit you compact and you can choose from an array of powders, eyeshadows, lip tints etc.  They come in a sealed pack like this and you can simply open and put them in the 'trays' of the Glampact.
Another unique feature that I wanted to show is that this compact has an inbuilt LED light around the mirror and while it doesn't use any batteries, you have to charge it for around 2 hours initially. There is a USB port included and simply plug it in your laptop to charge.
Black velvet case
A cutesy P I N K compact!
There are 3 tiers, top, middle and bottom trays.
Mini brushes that is specially created to fit exactly in the Glampact
Like a game! Start opening the modules and placing it in the compartments 
Ta-daaah! All done! 
Pardon me for the smudges... Im such a klutz. 
Close-up look
A great tool to use is a small Q-tip to help 'push' the modules into place but one must definitely be deft with the fingers to avoid smudging the makeup. I accidentally touched the concealer module (I smudged several modules, infact) with my butter fingers hence the mess! Urghh, the OCD in me is screaming but do note that you can easily replace any module individually once you have finished using it. 
All in all, Im excited to have a cutesy compact that promises to save space in my makeup pouch and reduce clutter. Its a nifty gadget that a girl can customize to her preferences and choose the colors from a variety of options available. It is also vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free and cruelty free (Not tested on animals). The makeup is also made in Korea and on first impressions, the powders are finely-milled and feels smooth on skin. Eyeshadows are pigmented and I particularly love how shimmery 'Gold Dust' looks. I do wish for a wider spectrum of colors coz I was hoping for maybe more lipcolors, or nude eyeshadow colors, or even a black eyeshadow for a smoky look. But for touch-ups, the colors offered by Glampact is cohesive enough to use while being on the go. 
I'll do another updated post on the color swatches coz I was running out of time yesterday with the son looking very interested to play with the empty boxes... 
Note : I chose the GlamPact Miss Glam set but switched Bambi Eyes to Rich Girl and Peachy Peach to Lollipop. I also bought the Glam-it! X Mata Belle Mini Fiber Mascara separately coz it fits perfectly into the Glampact. (Special thanks Kristy who attended to my many questions lol patiently and offered me suggestions and did the changes for me via email.) to  I bought this set from the Hongkong website, but I realized that Zalora carries this so for Singaporeans maybe you wish to go via Zalora instead :)
Thanks for looking! xo
Products were purchased by me, opinions are my own. 

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