Friday, November 04, 2016

Hello! Last night Elroy fell asleep by 8.30pm (LOLOLOL) and the hub and I mentally high-fived and then... I fell asleep by 9pm. So the joke's on me I guess. What private time after babies sleep??? Moms be like, "Im too tired to do anything else!"

So now Im awake at 4am.... FML.
Almost every evening at home, we will head outside to the small patio that we have for some outdoor play. Generally we'll just hang around, with some toys or just let Elroy freely explore the area with minimal supervision.
Disturbing the poor bird 
He loves performing! 

I think his ambition to be guitar player 
Playing on his small tractor his Yeye (grandfather) bought him from Paris! Its really cute and its a cross between a 4-wheel bike without pedals lololol

Telling me thats his CAR 

He really loves his vehicles!


So although Elroy usually eats the same food as the adults, there will be times when it'll be a little unsuitable for him so I'll usually prepare my own food. He loves soups so I'll usually make his dishes soupy or have a soup so yesterday I did a simple Pork Rib Carrot soup for his dinner at home 

Along with a small side of Salmon! Hidden by the carrot lololol, It was half gone by the time we sat down for our meal because someone climbed up the dining chair and try to eat some #truestory  

Just brown and white rice + soup over and he's a happy boy!

He can drink soup all day err day!

All gone! And asking for more soup! MEI YOU LIAO LA

Always my baby boy! 


Ok once again I really need to go to bed soon liao. We have PlayClub tomorrow (see previous post) so it'll be madness and a race against time every freaking morning so ajar ajar fighting everyone~! Weekend is here so one more day only ya! TGIF!

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