The Day I Made My Hubby Try Gudetama Cafe

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The title above is accurate 😁 because my hubby really didn't know what hit him until I made him walk all the way in front of this yellow looking restaurant that resembles an egg yolk.
Gudetama Cafe
He took a look and said, "WHAT IS THIS???"
"Egg lor." came my reply.
We were planning to have brunch so quite apt to go to Gudetama what! 😛
"Gudetama is a Sanrio character introduced in 2013 based on an egg lacking in "spunk". His name is a play on "gude gude"; used to describe someone with no energy or strength and possibly tama from tamago (egg)."
Egg egg everywhere!
If u look at the ceiling, its so cute! The waffles with Gudetama on it!
The son choosing what to eat....
Menu also cute!
Hmm prices not cheap
This happy face coz....
We ordered it without salt but I think it still came with salt so I had to wipe each fry with a serviette. #meh
The hub's breakfast dish 
My beef steak
Kids meal
Truthfully the food and deco looks awesomely cute and instagram-worthy but the taste, definitely thumbs down. Everything was very salty or lukewarm. My vegetables were a little overcooked and abit nua. The kids meal was really bad, the rice had a curry (?) taste, so the toddler didn't like it at all, claiming that it was 'hot', I think he meant it was spicy. I tried it and it was alittle weird and mushy tasting. I think he enjoyed the french fries the most. 😣 Go for cake ba if you want take some pictures. We didn'tt have any desserts though, coz we cant even finish the food and I dun dare to try after tasting their main dishes 😂
But still, the pictures turned out so nice! LOLOLOL 

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