A Girlie Lunch Date At Black Cow

Monday, May 22, 2017

WAHHH! HELLO THERE!!! *wave* Its been so long, life has definitely happened .. or rather - I didnt know what happened that made me take a break. I think it has something to do with my toddler trying to type furiously on my laptop each time I have it on my desk so much so that I took it away and relegated it to the back of my bookshelf so he couldnt touch it. 😝 So much ha happened these couple of months actually! He started childcare recently and we have been trying to adjust to life with him half day in school. So far he is enjoying class and teachers and we are glad! Phew. Shall post on that more in future and maybe snippets of him in school. They grow so fast its unbelievable.. I look at these pictures here and it is amazing how much he has grown since then. And how much older and fatter I am! LOLOL OH AND WITH A NEW HAIRSTYLE NOWWWW LOLOLL -  If u follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would know that I chopped my locks off too! HAHAHA #BestDecisionEver
A Girlie Lunch Date At Black Cow
Super small but posh, Black Cow is located at South Beach Avenue and it was a well-heeled lunch crowd on a quiet weekday afternoon
Unfortunately although they welcome kids, (I always call in advance) they don't have any high chairs so the toddler had to sit on my rolled Tula precariously even though I was afraid that he would roll down the sofa booth lol 
And my girlfriend Milly has to come with a HUGEEEE belated Christmas present for the boy!
This is when he learnt what a FERRARI is.. and now he says his surname is Ferrari ROFL. Boysssssssss
Now *drumroll* THE FOOOOOOOOD
Fried rice for the little one
On the insistence (LOL if u insist, Milly) we have to order the UNIIIIIII 
and thats only to prepare us for the heaven that we came here for!!!!!!!
SAY WHATTTTTTTTT ----- Wagyu, uni, caviar, foie gras ZOMG ALL MY FAVE IN A BOWLLLLL Icannoteven
Lastly, just to end the meal on a lovely note with all the wonderful food and company.. ice cream! If u look carefully, someone's little hand trying to pull the bowl away from me.........😑
The most loving and beautiful friend I have! Im thankful how close we have kept in contact through the years, its not easy man I can tell u .. juggling motherhood, social media and friendships. Sometimes we dun talk for months just because we are so busy and all, but boomz we start with one message, coffee or makan.. and it feels like we never stopped. For that, Im thankful. xo

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