eLipse Bowls - Say Bye To Spills At Mealtimes

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just over the weekend, the toddler and I attended a really fun bento-making session held in Mothersworks for the launch of eLipseKids - Spill Proof Bowls. From feeding your child, to teaching them to self-feed. eLipse Bowls are not only thoughtful in design, but also in its whole creation. 
Say goodbye to your daily struggles when it comes to feeding your kids! Parents and children will have a huge vantage point in having control over food contents. eLipse Bowls patented smart-edge technology is designed to minimise over-bowl messes.
Unfortunately we missed the first half of the event activities coz Elroy was napping but we dived right into bento-making coz he couldnt wait!!!!
He kept telling me, "Mama I want the RICE!!!!"
Relax.. relax baby.. you get to eat it later laaaaa!
My commander telling me where he wanted the onigiri to be placed, or what he wanted to be in the bowl...😪 #IGotNotEnoughHands
Finally ..........
This greedy boy simply grabbed the poor chick and gobbled it up~! Alamak..... You got so hungry anot 
I quickly use the spill proof vacuum lid and closed it so he wun finish everything later dinner he dunwan to eat liao then siao liao man
I distract him by pointing to the buffet of fruits and candy 😆
And then he was telling me "Mama I want this! And this! More this!" 
I said ok ok ok but all I gave him was an omelette from the bento and a piece of fruit LOLOLOL 
eLipse Bowls are proudly produced and made in Singapore, using the best quality and safest food grade materials where quality comes second to none. All finished products are tested to be BPA/BPS-free and are safe for our little ones.
The bowls comes in 3 stages 
Stage 1 - Used when you start feeding your little ones
Stage 2 - Used when you want your kid to self-feed. The suction stops them from throwing. flipping or pushing the bowl.
Stage 3 - Used when your kid no longer throws or flips the bowl and is learning to self-feed.
eLipse Bowls comes in an array of bright colors and is top-wash dish washer safe, but NOT microwavable. It is durable and shatterproof so dun worry about it breaking!
We had such an enjoyable time and Elroy LOVED his personalized bowl!
eLipse Bowls are available at Motherswork, prices start from $15.90 for Stage 1 bowls (comes with two bowls and lids), to $19.90 for Stage 3 bowls. 
Personally I love how deep this Stage 3 eLipse bowl is, making it easy for my toddler to scoop his food especially rice. Even my mum commented this bowl is more ideal then his usual plate and the material feels light so he can even easily lift the whole bowl to drink soup. 
Thanks for looking! 

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