Little Chef Day in Elroy's School

Friday, May 26, 2017

This is a #Throwback post whereby I will start (slowly lol) posting older pictures else they will be stuck in my laptop for all of eternity. 😝 So dont be confused if you see me in my longer hairstyle while some posts in the blog will be in my current hairstyle! The event took place in Elroy's current school, we ended Julia Gabriel when he turned 2 because I wanted him to have a slightly more structured curriculum and proper routine everyday. Although he goes to a half-day program at the moment, I find that it has helped him tremendously in terms of socializing, spoken Chinese language and sentence structuring to name a few. And as much as I wish to keep him at home for as long as I can, I know that the day will come when he needs to start school proper and we agreed that starting him at 2 years old will be the best for him and for me. (Mummy gets the morning off, woo hooooo!)
Little Chef Day
Little Chef Day is the school's initiative to introduce the concept of buying and selling food, from  choosing the menu and items to sell, to the preparation of snacks and manning the 'cashier' - it will all be done by the kids themselves!
So adorable!
The Tutti Frutti Drink stall stand, for Elroy's Toddler class!
Little chefs at work
Bringing Elroy to 'buy' food
He's very serious about picking what to eat LOL
He even gave 'instructions' like "NO THIS!" pointing to (I also dunno what he didn't want), bacon bits I think. To "MORE THIS!!" referring to his favorite corn.
Very serious business ok dont play play!
After 'buying' all the food, we headed to the canteen to EAT!
His face is #forever "Mummy dont disturb me can anot" 😪
And now its time for the roles to be reversed! The son collecting 'money' from a fellow schoolmate.. so cute so cute all these children!!! *heart melts*
To learning to make the drink ...
Elroy's turn to 'serve' his customers! 😋
It was really a fun event for the son and he enjoyed choosing the different food he wanted! We taught him the concept of 'paying' and if we didnt have enough 'cash vouchers', we told him to choose something else instead etc. He also loved scooping out the fruits for the Todds drink stall, and was ecstatic to help out coz he kept repeating the scooping action for days after ...........😆 
What a fun and memorable for our family!

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