Family Brunch at Cafe Melba

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On weekends we love heading out as a family, exploring brunch places that are kid-friendly. I relish the time we spend together, eating and generally relaxing with the little ones. And if the place has a playground or field to let the toddler run, even better, ley! 💚
Family Brunch at Cafe Melba 
One of the restaurants we frequent in the East is Cafe Melba
Just over the weekend, we were waiting for a table and we saw Elroy's schoolmate (former classmate when they were in Playgroup) and both boys took off to play together
They ran barefooted on the grass, such joy to see them having a ball of time!
I personally love sitting outside al fresco and enjoy my food while the young ones play in the sun
Yummy pizza!
With his head full of perspiration, he dug into his kids meal with gusto!  
All that running made him a hungry boy LOL
Poor didi could only look on in envy while sitting on Dada's lap 👻
After his little tummy is filled, off he went to the bouncy castle!
Precious precious morning spent with my loved ones xx
Still looking for similar places so we can visit, any recommendations? 

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