Jujube *NEW* Rainbow Dreams Collection Launch x Facebook Live Show Behind-The-Scene Snippets

Monday, December 04, 2017

Hello! The boys are asleep and I can finally sit down and write about what I was busy with this whole week .. Jujube's Tokidoki x Sanrio Rainbow Dreams Collection launch happening on the 5th Dec worldwide! Dreamy blue background with Tokidoki characters playing along side popular Sanrio characters like my favorite Hello Kitty! Thats not all, it has rainbows everywhere! So cheery and happy! Truth to be told.. It took me some time to warm up to this design but when I first saw it in real life.. I thought, well it really does look cute! 💗
Jujube *NEW* Rainbow Dreams Collection
Facebook Live Show Behind-The-Scene Snippets
In addition to being a content creator for this collection, this time round we did something really different and the first for Singapore! Along with my fellow influencer Charlotte Kiew, and talented Custom lady Emily from MiliStudio - we did a LIVE show on Jujube SEA's Facebook page! 
Go watch the video and join the giveaway if you haven't! Click here : https://www.facebook.com/jujube.asia/videos/1021711604644513/?fref=ts
So we filmed the video right at Lady M South Beach and I got there bright and early!
Waaay excited to see all these yummy cakes!
Of course Elroy couldn't help but to request for cake 💢 
Taaa daaah the collection
Im soooo happy to be working with Charlotte because we have seen each other around and talk pretty frequently on IG since we follow each other and sometimes we just chat about random stuff like baby stuff lol so our rapport is definitely there xx
Btw her baby daughter is so cute la! Always love seeing Arissa's updates 

Its my first time working with Emily from Milistudio but I have seen her work in our local Jujube pages so Im also very "familiar" with her! Glad to see her in person and nice to meet you Emily!
We have to follow the script 'loosely' while keeping things light since its a live show and basically anything goes! Cannot retake man! LOL 
Too excited but can you imagine all these bags infront of us?? Like, I want to dive in and sleep on these!
Love love love chatting to these girls!
I also placed my hp infront of me, coz we have to read comments and it was so fun to engage the viewers who asked us questions on the bags and the material etc
It was interesting how people would ask us about the collection and tell us which bag they wanted to see. I was more than happy to show everyone coz I personally wanted to see them all too!
The most interesting portion of the show was when we introduced the OOAK (One of a kind) modified items from Emily herself! 
She literally took a bag and transformed it into different items!
Mad talented! Can you imagine Emily took a Superbe and changed it into a STAR backpack/bag??  And I cant even sew a straight hem lolololol
There's a GIVEAWAY on these two items so do head over to Jujube South East Asia FB to join!
Such a pleasure working with these ladies and I cant wait to see them again!
Once again, the launch will be worldwide on 5th Dec at 4pm!
Trunk shows will be on the 4th Dec and I will be heading down to BabyPad but if you didnt get a pass to attend a trunk show, you can still buy it online in shops on the 5th Dec like here : https://babypad-com-sg.myshopify.com/
Have you decided on your shopping list?
Rainbow Dreams Be Dry
For more info, please head to :
Jujube South East Asia Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/jujube.asia
Thanks for looking and I cant wait for the launch! 💖

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