Jujube Tokidoki x Sanrio Rainbow Dreams Trunkshow at BabyPad

Friday, December 22, 2017

The first question I usually get is .. "Erm whats a trunk show?' So basically a trunk show is an event in which the retailer present merchandise directly to customers at a retail location or another venue. In many cases it allows customers to preview/ or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public. Before Jujube trunk shows were available locally, it was only available in the US while the rest of the world could only wait with bated breath to see the items in real life when it reach us at home after 'scoring' it online aka 'blind buy'. With trunk shows, we can finally look, feel and choose our PPP - Perfect Print Placement items! (And thus, causing us to usually buy more in the process... 😜)
Jujube Tokidoki x Sanrio Rainbow Dreams Trunkshow at BabyPad
Like most Jujube launches .. I have a shopping list that I would usually divide into two parts : Must-buy and Maybe-buy lolol. I was so glad to be heading to BabyPad coz I know I'll be seeing friends there! Time to discuss print placements! 😆
The first thing I saw was these really cute cupcakes but I was too excited to go shopping I promptly forgot to eat them :(
So cute! I should have taken the Hello Kitty one haha
Thoughtful setup by Ita - #Ladyboss! Elroy was napping, else he would have taken all the cupcakes... he really love cakes lol. The trunk show was held in a central location, and according to rules, shopping will start at 4pm due to daylight savings in the US, as compared to 3pm previously. 
Custom maker Mini-licious was on-site to provide advice on customizing your very own Jujube bag!
Pricelist and rainbow straps as with the theme of the collection
The cosy sitting area, with lucky trunk pass winners ( yes, not all trunk shows are opened to public, so you really have to check the details of each retailer as some might operate differently)
Warm welcome from Ita before we commerce shopping!
Lets go!!
Each shopper gets to spend around 5-10 mins to pick what they want before proceeding to pay before the next group of shoppers will be allowed to go in. This system is super efficient and very orderly!
No rush no fuss
Ita busy at the cashier!
Jamie won this super cute EZ-link card from the lucky draw!
So happy shopping with girlfriends!
I didnt get a pic with Lainey who was helping out at the trunk show that day but it was fun short meetup even though I forgot to bring my handphone gua gua ~ and had to borrow one just to go on Instagram live haha! #Paisehtotrouble #HengIgotfriendsthere 
My hauls!
This print is SUPER growing on me!
My lovely Fuel Cell! Fuel Cells are really just great for everything, not only can you pack food in it, I personally love packing Elroy toy cars in the FC because he has so many! And now there's a Jujube trend going on.. the bucket bag! Very cute custom made bag .. very tempting to make one too!
Thanks Ita and BabyPad for the lovely trunk show! 💓
My Rainbow straps stashshot! How gorgeous are they! You can get them from Ishuan80 on carousell : https://sg.carousell.com/ishuan80/
For more Rainbow Dreams shopping, you can head to :
ps. Also, you can use my quote ELAINE73 for 10% off the Bébé au Lait x Tokidoki collection : Click Here and Here to shop! 

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