Nestlé Gerber® Puffs Penguins - Limited Edition Snacks for the Little Ones

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I admit, Im a sucker for cute packaging so when I first saw the Nestlé Gerber® Puffs Cereal Snack Limited Edition, I actually squealed and went," SOOOO CUTEEE!" Then the toddler reminded me with a "Mama, this for me?" Lololol yes son but can I keep the container after you are done? 😆 
Nestlé Gerber® Puffs Penguins 
It’s that time of the year when the elves make the toys, and Santa visits the little girls and boys! This festive season, look out for our playful Nestlé Gerber® Puffs Penguins as they come adorably togged out in a limited edition ski packaging! How fun are these!
I reckon Elroy is going through a growth spurt recently because from time to time he will ask me for more food or even snacks after he has his meal. I try not to offer him sweet stuff (coz you know what sugar does to these little ones, yessss they go all crazy after). So these Nestlé Gerber® puffs are perfect snacks to eat at home, or bring on the go - Each puff comes packed with vitamins and minerals including Iron, Vitamin E and 3 B Vitamins. What’s more, it contains 90% less salt and 15% less sugar compared to regular non-organic baby biscuits or treats.
This time round, they come in 2 delightful flavours, Banana and Strawberry Apple. I've tasted them and they are definitely not too sweet! 
Nestlé Gerber® Puffs are best recommended for crawlers from 8 months old. Nestlé Gerber® Puffs signature star-shaped, lightly puffed snack are specially designed to encourage self-feeding.
Baby Elric has to wait for awhile to eat these cute puffs so in the meantime, its all for Elroy!
He cant stop and told me he wanted the whole bottle 😈
Nestlé Gerber® Puffs Penguins Ski edition twin pack is available at all leading stores from 1st December and retails at a recommended selling price of S$13.90 for a limited time so do hurry and grab yours when you swing by the supermarket soon!
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