Jujube Hello Sanrio Sweets at Hello Kitty Garden Cafe Date

Friday, July 13, 2018

First off, I would like to thank you friends for indulging me and my nonsense by meeting me at places where my hubby will never be caught dead at .. Hello Kitty Garden Cafe.
Jujube Hello Sanrio Sweets at Hello Kitty Garden Cafe Date
Garden theme Hello Kitty restaurant at our very own Changi Airport, opened 24 hours so you can jio all your siao-kitty friends go eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper ya.
Cute merchandise & even t-shirts! 
My wonderful girl friends! So love for meeting me here la so sorry lol. Thank you both so much for your friendship all these years *hearts you all* 💓 Random link to throwback posts here and here if you wanna see pics of me pre-baby lol, good times good times.
I have to say, food-wise its really not so bad.. at least we ate it without much complains and they were rather fast and everything came on time without dragging for too long!
The last time I went to the other theme cafe ah, we waited and waited coz they were so s.l.o.w poke until we had to share mains coz they served dish by dish like what, chinese wedding ah. LOL
Action only with the drink - heard it was very sweet til they cant finish it. 
I had coffee! Maybe thats why Im still up at nearly 2am .... 😓
My Hello Kitty biscuit! So cute ehhh. I feel sorry eating her head 👻
Wore my Rainbow top (but can pass off as dress hor) from local brand Tracyeinny! The paddle pop colours #belike ...💙💚💛💜 .. and super match my new bag la. 😆
 Jujube Hello Sanrio Sweets
If you love pastel and all things sweet, check out Jujube's brand  new collection with Sanrio coming 17th July~! I gasped when i first saw it in real life and its so CUTE! 
Perfect for outings with the kids or just bring it along on fun weekends! 
Look how cute Nadnut looks with the Be Sporty too!
Close-up ~ the Sanrio characters with rainbows and ice cream cones looking all so yummilicious 
The inner lining is super pastel with imprints of the characters!
Jujube x Sanrio collaborations means that the zipper pulls are a cutesy heart-shaped Hello Kitty with a diamante on the bow! 可愛啊! (very cute!)
Personally I love the aquamarine lining the most, as it makes the bag pop out against the pink pastel print. HAO MEI AHHHHH 💋
More pictures on my Instagram and even a video (my first!) up on #IGTV  so you can take a look at the bag close-up! If you would like to get your hands on Hello Sanrio Sweets - check out Motherswork Facebook Page (here) for more details! Red Ruby and Cleopatra will be launching together at the same time and day 😊 Trunk show will be on 16th July 12pm (open to public, but limited queue numbers) and 17th July 12pm online locally and worldwide.
Be Sporty retails at $239 and the Be Neat is $35. 

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