Nadnut's Wedding and Gatecrash Video

Thursday, March 06, 2014

[Wedding + Gatecrash] Hellooooo everyone! Its been a whirlwind of joyous events and celebrations for me and my friends all week-long! It was my Dad's brithday, my friends' birthday dinners (not only 1.. or 2.. but 4!) and also a WEDDING! Yes.. it was my dear friend Nadnut's #NadSkai1314 event of the year!
Lets start from the beginning, shall we! 
Nadnut's ROM
Here's a short re-cap : Click Here for Nadnut's summary on her Wedding Journey after her ROM. As I didn't know Nad then, (thats why u dun see me in her ROM video) but I was thrilled when she asked me to be her bridesmaid for her customary wedding! Blogging rocks. I get to know so many awesome people *Everything is awesomeee!* Cue Lego song.
Our Friendship
I remembered it was at a DHC beauty event in Cookyn Inc that I met Nadnut for the first time and got introduced as we had mutual friends like Jacelyn and Fidelis too. Subsequently we hit off well due to our love for sports (and food and drinks..) and got to know each other better after heading to Updog Studio for a session of Hot Yoga! 
Remember this post?
#Project1314 - The Wedding Prep 
The bridesmaids for Nadnut's wedding on 1-3-14, March 1st 2014!
From top (L-R) Jacelyn, Fidelis, Esther
Bottom (L-R) Carrie, Me, Nadnut
The bride had kindly invited all the bridesmaids over for a staycation but I was away on a holiday unfortunately so I couldn't make it! Sadness max.
 All my pretty babes! (and soooo sexyyyyy)
Personalized bracelets from the bride to bridesmaids
 Goodies for all, courtesy of BeautyDirect!
Nadnut's Spa Party
Although I've missed the staycation.. fret not! Nadnut organized a special Nautical theme facial-massage spa party just for us too! 
 Check out how well-suited the decorations and items are!
 Even the lovely macarons from Shiberty are nautical themed!
 Goodie bags from Somang and BeautyDirect! Awwww~ thank u dear!
 Bridesmaids FULL FORCE!
 Nautical #armswag
Pampering session at Chrysalis Spa for the bridal party where they expertly kneaded and eased our knots away! Thank uuuuu!
Nadnut's Hens Night
After a fabulous spa party, how can we not 'treat' the lovely bride to a wonderful evening out??? Hahahaha! We have been secretly planning a Hen's Night out for ages and finally it was time to reveal all the nonsense we have up our sleeves. Keke.
Erms.. we just want Nadnut to be in the spotlight coz its her night! Love the tiara, veil, gloves and that personalized bride sash is AWESOMMMME!
We arranged a romantic dinner date with just us girls at Feedlot Steakhouse Bar & Grill for some yummy food and drinks! Thank you Feedlot for our complimentary red wine to get us in the right mood...! And for arranging a more private area for us, as we had some R(A) stuff on the table! LOLOLOL!
We had so much laughter that night!
Look at the special cupcakes we got for Nadnut! 
Which design is your favourite!
 Bikini.. Corset... and a banana!???
Right after our sumptuous meal at Feedlot, we had to head out for DRINKS!
Fenix Room, here we come! Thanks Carrie for arranging!
Special box done by dearest Jacelyn for Nadnut's Hen's Night games!
By the end of the nght .................
 There are alot of NSFW (Not safe for work) pictures at the club so here are the kinda tame ones! But if you see me outside and ask me, I will show them to uuuuu ahahaha!
The Wedding Day 1-3-14
(Wedding invite cute right! Pic from Nad)
Thank you Millys for my bridesmaids nails! I had them simple, in nude and with diamantes!
Bright and early for our GATECRASH!
Our crazy antics..!
We prepared some really weird props......... (Video in this post later!)
Our cotton candy bridesmaids dresses were from ClubCouture and I love how color coordinated we looked! The guys were all in bright cherry colors and I think it all matched really well! Happy colors.. happy day!
 After the Gatecrash
 Brothers and the Wedding Couple
 Cute ang pow from the Groom to thank us for the 'hard work'! The red packet is soooo cute! Thank you Skai & Nad!
 Wedding Dinner 
Soon we all met up in the evening, changed and all pretty in our dresses! Love how color coordinated we all were once again, except that we didnt plan it this time! Chemistry, baby.. chemistry!
 Set-up for Reception
 The candy table was DA BOMB!
 Cutest ang pow box, ever! So clever!
 The stage was decked in bright glittery lights and pretty colors!
 With my fellow pretty reception table bridesmaids and good friends, Hongpeng and William!
 We didnt have much time to camwhore together but I cherish all these pictures!
 Brothers at the photobooth
 The march-in was spectacular with the grass carpet and rose petals!
 Thank you my love, Nadnut for letting us be part of your wonderful wedding journey! I had so much fun and it was one of the most crazy, spontanous & fun wedding that I have ever attended! Everyone is just so beautiful, kind and big-hearted, filled with so much love and blessings! It was a truly wonderful experience.
 "From this day forward, two of you shall not walk alone.
Her heart will be his shelter, and his arms will be her home."
I wish nothing but all the love and happiness in the world for the both of you. :)
Enjoy the video, everyone!
Picture credits to various friends and wedding vendors. 
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Bye everyone!

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  1. Hi elaine, nice photos! My wedding is coming up in July and I love the ang bao box she has. Could you help me find out where she got it from? Please. Thanks!

  2. Looking at the vid and pics and missing you girls! <3

  3. The wedding was so FUN! Missing u too carrie xo... wedding bells too for u soon i hope so we can re-create the FUN! Hahahah! :p

  4. Hi Elaine,

    Chance upon your blog as I am looking for a ang bao box as a gift for my cousin. The ang bao box so cute and unique. Where can I buy it?
    Please pm me.


    Best Regards


  5. Hi Audrey! The ang pow box was really cute and had many good comments from guests who found it really UNIQUE! U can ask my friend the bride where she got it from coz Im not very sure, sorry! She's Nadnut - Blog :
    Hope this helps!!!

  6. Nice party and party pics are really good and you all re enjoy. i hope you are enjoyed a lot at party. Please Visit:

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