Isabel Marant Black Bekett Sneakers

Saturday, March 08, 2014

[Online Shopping Haul] So following my previous post on my first pair of Isabel Marant sneakers here :, - I went out and yes .. GOT ANOTHER PAIR!
Once again, my express delivery from Net-a-porter was excellent and swift. Box came almost in perfect condition, save for a small dent at the corner.
Isabel Marant uses French (FR) sizing so remember to check out my previous post on sizings. Im usually an Italian size 37, so its going to be a size 38 for my Marants.
Each pair of sneakers come with Isabel Marant shoe bags. 
These are truly my most comfy pair of sneakers!
The stitching on the shoes are clean and neat, made with incredible workmanship. 
The words 'Isabel Marant' is printed clearly with the size on the soles of the shoes.
This time round, I wanted to get a pure BLACK pair that is both low key and understated. 
Perfect for my usual outfits in nude or black colors.
My black Beketts!
Outfit of the Day 
All back err thang.
Thanks for dropping by guys! xo
So which do you prefer? Nude or black?
p.s I just randomly decided to blog on this coz shoes MAKE ME HAPPY LA. Tra-la-la-la~
p.p.s To check out on Isabel Marant's various shoes/sneakers designs, wedge height and sizings - do go to my previous post HERE :)
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  1. Suits your style perfectly babe!

  2. very beautiful! love your posts!
    Are these tiring to walk in? say for shopping? Thanks!

  3. Hi Reese! Not very! Isabel Marants so soooo buttery soft! I walked Beijing's Forbidden Palace in them! :p

  4. Hi there,
    Can I ask how tall ur? Thinking of purchasing a pair for i'm quite petite, 5'3. It looks good on you :)


  5. Hi kim! Thk uuu :) They'll fit u perfectly too then coz im only 5'2 hehee

  6. Want to get my first pair of bekett sneakers but I'm not sure about the sizing.Are you able to advice me? I usually wear US size 7 or EU size 38.So what size should I get?

  7. Hello Driftlady1986! Thks! Pls refer to my first post on Isabel Marant sneakers for exact sizing :) Hope this helps!!


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