White Label Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Pack (Mask) Review

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[Review] Placentas.. what is the first thing you think about when you see the word 'Placenta'? Personally, the first thing that comes to my mind is the usage of sheep placenta in recent skincare products! And while I am slightly hesitant to use placenta products (its alittle out of my usual comfort zone I guess!) - I did a total 360 when BeautyDirect (thanks Camy!) offered to send me a product from their latest skincare range from Japan. The WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Pack (Mask) caught my eye, mainly coz of the cuteeee baby that they use on their marketing poster! 
So, what is Placenta?
"Placenta" is the essence of the organ that connects the life of the fetus and the mother, full of nutrients that nourishes. Placenta accelerates the speed of skin renewal, to solve problems like, - freckles, dullness, wrinkles, and dry skin by creating supple skin smooth like a newborn baby. 
White Label Premium Placenta only uses carefully selected 100% local placenta only for the luxurious treatment on the skin.
A thoughtful handwritten note too, thank u! Can't wait to try the product!
No addictives: Even suitable for allergic skin
 No-additives ingredients: no flavor, colorless, paraben-free and mineral-oil free. 
A mask suitable for all skin types, the WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Pack promises to reveal brighter skin just after a single use!
Directions : Wash off after 30 seconds - 1 minute 
Right after washing off, your skin looks brighter with elasticity! The Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin pack gives you elastic skin that prepares for easy makeup application the next day. 
First Impressions : This nifty little tub has ALOT of product! I was pleasantly surprised to feel how heavy it is and upon opening the container, there was absolutely zero smell so no worries! (Haha, please put away all doubt on how placentas would smell like coz there's no fragrance in the White Label's Placenta range) There are instructions in English on stickers but once you remove the plastic covering, the only instructions found on the tub are all in Japanese. 
The Test
This WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Pack is slightly different from other masks so here's a video to best illustrate on how to use the product. 
Directions : Apply thick layer of the WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Pack on face including neck area. Lightly massage cream into skin in circular motions and rinse off with water thoroughly after 30 seconds.
Here Im testing it on my hands to show you the brightening effect!
Apply on right side
Massage and rinse off after 30 seconds ~ can you see a subtle difference in this short period of time?
After *no edit
Overall Review : This is recently my favorite mask! I have been so tanned recently from all the sun (and no rain lol) so this has been quite a god-send! I use a spatula for easy application as I dun like to put fingers in my products so I recommend using a either a scoop or facial mask brush to apply this product to prevent contamination. A little goes a long way but truthfully this cream feels best and most luxurious when you slather it on thickly. I've used it around my eye area and it doesnt irritate the delicate skin around my eyes so thumbs up for that. It does seem to brighten my skin after use but Im not too sure on the moisturizing effects as I still need to apply my regular skin care right after using this. It does seem to plump up my skin alittle but its not very hydrating as compared to my other moisture masks. All in all, it is a great and fun product and at S$18.90 (130ml) a tub, I have absolutely no qualms re-purchasing this!
The WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta skincare range is now available at BHG, John Little, Guardian, Nishino Pharmacy and  Plaza@Cosme100AM
*Do note that this product range is not suitable for Muslims. Thank you.
Hope you enjoyed this little review! Back real soon. 
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  1. So is this using sheep or????

  2. Er.... i think baby's placenta! Guide writes 'local placenta' .. But based on the ingredient list, I think its quite a small quantity.

  3. haha thanx babe.. dun worry.. heard that there are people who asked to buy preggy women's placenta too.. so it is not unusual.. :)

  4. I love your eye color and lashes. What color lense and name of lash and where can i get them? thank you very much

  5. Hi Ann Marie, its one of my lens from Cocopiel (e-shop) u can google for it from my blog :)


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