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Sunday, July 08, 2018

I was doing some stuff for my Instagram giveaway and that's really the only reason why I turned on my laptop. I realized its been quite awhile since I updated my blog and I really wish that I can have more than 24 hours in a day to just do stuff! (And answer all emails and DMs 😅) Or maybe coz my laptop is older also.. like me.. lao liao do things slower now lol. 
Is it me or does time fly pass so quickly though? I remember the days where I can simply lie on my bed and stone away lol or watch a drama. Or ten. Now every waking moment means Im doing something, or attending to someone .. mainly the kids yes la. LOL. We just got back from a holiday and it was fun really! The hub had to go for his biz meeting and for 2 days I had the kids to myself. Initially I thought it would be daunting, I mean to handle the 3 year old and the baby. Oh gosh what was I thinking when my hub warned me that he would have to go for work in Hong kong!
- The above excerpt was written almost 3 weeks ago and now here I am, sounding like a broken recorder because Im still busy, and yes #soloparenting again for the week!-   
I feel bad for neglecting my blog. It's like an ex that gave me so many memories, but now replaced by Facebook and Instagram. Truthfully I will never let this blog go. It holds so many beautiful photos and reminders of the person I was in the past and the person that I've become. Im not a good writer and sometimes I struggle to pen down my feelings because I am an eternal optimist who doesn't like negativity and bad vibes. And I like to remember the good stuff. Dun everyone? 😄 
The husband has been really busy with work recently and Im trying my best to hold the fort at home with the two little ones. Thankfully I have both families to help me out alittle.. just heading home to eat lunch with my mum is comforting enough to say the least. I relish all family time and love to let the kids play with their grandparents as much as they can. 
On weekends we try to head out with the kids and enjoy bonding as a family of four. Just last Sunday we had a lovely lunch at Lawrys with the kiddos, kinda extravagant but once in a while why not haha. We really enjoy the food and service there, along with their famous spinning salad that kept Elroy entertained and even Elric kept staring at the way the bowl was turning in circles. I love looking at the view of Orchard while we dine and hey, they have prosecco on the menu so yays. Bubbly is ALWAYS welcomed in my books, ahem even though Im a nursing mum, - moderation is the key .. especially when a glass or two makes everything taste better. 😋
Sometimes I have so many things that i wanna pen down but I keep getting interrupted by the boys and lose track of time. Before I know it, I have to literally dust the dust off my laptop and start over again. 😓 Its been almost a week of #soloparenting and I miss my husband! (and THREE attempts to write this post *facepalm*) Its weird not having him around especially on weekends and we simply stayed at home coz I really need to REST lolol. Its physically tiring and then OMG wait I have to mention this .. Didi JUST CRAWLED for the first time yesterday! *happy dance* But its abit bitter-sweet coz their Daddy wasnt there to witness it in person. I know he misses the boys but well, thats life. Someone has to work 😜 (Thats what he says ah. Not me. My "work" never stops!) 
I brought Didi for his 9 month check up at the PD and for the first time, it was just us alone and I enjoyed having him to myself though! He's getting so big now, sitting up by himself, clapping his hands and generally being smiley to everyone. I love seeing how the brothers play together though, Elroy is really being a lovely older brother and he rains kisses on Elric all the time. In fact he's so happy when Didi wakes up in the morning! Do I feel bad that he's no longer an only child? Well, yes and no - maybe coz he has so much attention right from the beginning from everyone already so no, I dun really feel bad for him. LOL. Truthfully I feel bad for Didi more, he is the one that has to 'share' attention and things! Haha I mean, most of his stuff are hand-me-downs from the brother so Im actually extremely appreciative when friends and sponsors send stuff for Didi else nobody really buys him things one! 😅 #badmummy 
But I do feel bad that these are majorly late postings of the boys! Even looking at these pictures make my heart full. I really wish I could find some time to write abit more.. to pen down my daily thoughts and feelings as I watch them grow day by day. That'll be really nice, wouldn't it? :) 
I will try. I really will.

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