Endymed RadioFrequency with Astute Aesthetics

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Im due to fly off for my holiday tomorrow but I've been getting some questions on the RF (radiofrequency) treatment at Astute Aesthetics so I thought that I'll just pen down my experience here 💓 
Endymed RadioFrequency with Astute Aesthetics
Situated right in the midst of Joo Chiat and diagonally across I12 Katong, the food choices here are aplenty and ample parking at the shopping centre which is a stone's throw away from the clinic.
My lovely sanctuary! Love the calming colors and spa-like feel of Astute
Walking in, you are greeted by an array of skincare products from renowned brand Skinceuticals 
One of their star products 
Doctor S.Reddy is (not pictured) is an accredited doctor under SMC with experience and expertise in Aesthetics - and I had my first consultation with him prior to starting my treatment and he listened attentively to tailor a program to suit my needs and time constraint as a busy mother of two. 
My affable therapist Herlene who always makes me feel so at home during RF! Sometimes I secretly wish my treatment could be longer coz we always end up having such a fun convo, time just whiz by in a flash! In fact all the staff there so friendly, I love seeing them weekly! Its like meeting a friend for quick girly catch-up session in my hood ~👯 (I live, like 15 mins away lol)
My main skincare concerns are anti-aging without being too invasive. As a lactating mother, there are certain limitations to the procedures that I can do so Endymed RF is by far the safest and this treatment is said to firm, tighten and lift skin with zero downtime. Each session feels like a mini facial!
Treatment only takes around 45 mins and Herlene suggests concentrating on my lower jaw to firm and tighten skin, resulting in a leaner jawline. She would also treat my neck area, as it is usually the first tell-tale sign of aging! So girls, dont forget to apply skincare on your neck too!
A quick mask after each RF session replenishes moisture and Im always glowing after my treatment! 
So basically what does Endymed RadioFrequency do?
Answer : ENDYMED RF uses unique technology, 3DEEP Skin Science, to deliver radiofrequency energy deep into your skin. This energy heats your skin at the precise point where your collagen resides, stimulating the collagen that’s already there, and crucially, creating brand new collagen!
What results will I get?
This non-invasive fabulous process firms, tightens and lifts your skin - and while the full results can take up to 6 months to develop, you’ll get an immediate lift after each treatment… the perfect pick me up treatment.
Ok ... Anything else?
Not only that, ENDYMED RF TIGHTENING also reinvigorates your skin’s natural processes, so you’ll even get that healthy glow that we all yearn for.
Before and After (3 Sessions)
I've been getting compliments on my soft skin and how I seem to have lost weight! Maybe its the firmer jawline? One thing is for sure, I feel that my skin feels softer and more 'plumped up' with  toned facial contours. 
Endymed RadioFrequency costs $1800 package price of 6 sessions.
Contact and Address 
Astute Aesthetics
252 Tembeling Road
Tembeling Centre #01-08 
Singapore 423731
Telephone +65 6581 9633
*All pictures have not been beauty-edited in any way and I have no makeup at all in pictures.

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