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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

[Personal] Hello hello! 
Did Chinese New Year pass by in the blink of an eye??? Well I was nothing but busy this festive season, with some many friends to visit and lo-hei parties to attend! Too much food, friends and fun! Love it! To be really honest I was so afraid that I would suddenly go into labor during the holidays and miss out on all the eating ~ ahahaha! But yes.. luckily baby has been listening to me and stayed in happily til now! Im only 3 days to my EDD (Estimated Due Date) and frankly ... still no sight of labor! *gasp* The hubs is having me under "house arrest" this week so no going out alone! He's pretty paranoid about me driving and suddenly experiencing contractions or something LOL! 
Anyways I'm off to take some pics for more upcoming beauty reviews since Im kinda free at the moment .. but leaving you a picture from my recent Pregnancy photoshoot! I'll show u the rest plus behind the scenes but unfortunately hubby's laptop crashed right after CNY so he needs to retrieve the pictures and videos he took while I was doing the photoshoot. FML I hope he finds them! 
Thats me at #35Weeks :) 
Bye and back soon! xo
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