Hairwash and Beef Bowl

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I love chocolates but the next best thing is when I dun need to wash my own hair coz there is someone to do it for me lol. Thanks to a lovely media invite from WOM (Word of Mouth Comm), I headed down to Walking on Sunshine salon for a quick hair wash and styling with my girl friends! ❤️

Salon #legit looks very nice, with leaves 🍃and flowers aplenty. Used The Body Shop’s haircare range! Interesting... never knew they had Ginger hair care wor.

Jio-ed my girlfriends for a makan session and we had fun taking pics coz #StudioWoo (me lol) is around and then the place also so pretty so we just trigger happy with camera since film free rite. Hahaha joke joke. Imagine if it’s still film. I think I pok kai (go broke) from developing all the 200 photos from that day itself. 

I can tell you we are laughing at nothing ahhahaha 😹 #Behindthescenes 

Here you can see who are the serious ones and who are the crazy siao ding dong ~ (me mostly)

But there is this swing at the cafe, quite funny! Dun try to swing coz super off balance one! I really want to fall down and I kept screaming I cannot I cannot! Coz this Calista siao char bor keep telling me to try swing and this Jasmine can ask me to use my non-existent stomach muscles to pretend swing, but really cannot la! My butt too big!🙀

See, off balance liao!

Yea we were doing all these while waiting for Nadia’s turn to wash hair coz our appointments back to back but it was pretty fast and we had each other to talk cock... and also play with Didi, who woke up! 😻

I love him in this overalls! So cute de.

Super instagrammable cafe!

After that we all had lunch! My favorite beef bowl at OC!
And supermarket run at Don Don Donki - which I dun prefer to go coz I find the variety and freshness so so only. But bo bian, I had to go pick Elroy from school and head back to cook dinner. #rushrusheveryday 🤕

Dinner! With trusty #Lilo Ikan bilis and mushroom powders. I made Honey chicken wings, salad and soup for the boys.

In my car boot! Changed my wedges for slippers, groceries, stroller and diaper bag lol. Not forgetting my huge ass water bottle - I make sure I finish my water when I’m out coz of my intermitted fasting schedule - I have to hydrate myself as much as I can. 💦

Fun day out! Missing Vanny 💔

Wore Dear Collective’s new Lola Abstract Nursing Dress! Use ELAINE8 for 8% off ❤️


Happy Vesak Day! 

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