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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

How’s your week coming along? One thing is for sure, I’m so glad to be able to spend some time with the family and having my Dad come over to my place for makan! In addition to this joyous occasion - I was ecstatic that PartyDiva.co was there to help me plan everything seamlessly and effortlessly! ❤
PartyDiva.Co is a collaborative E-commerce and marketplace for gifting and party planning that connects and provides customers and vendors a seamless experience for any celebration on a single platform.
Isn’t this such a DREAM??? I created a soft #glamping theme as the backdrop for our dinner party out on our patio, with the soft golden hour sun - and once PartyDiva.Co arrived with the food and items, everyone was suitably impressed with the whole setup plus party themed items from PartyDiva.co too!
I love how PartyDiva.Co included these CUTE cake/food toppers with popular local slangs like “Jalan, Jalan” and “Jiak Kuang Tang” that I added to my mini buffet from Amici Catering!
I’m usually afraid to waste food coz my family is rather small (Total 7 pax plus in-laws and my dad) so this mini gourmet 5-course National Day buffet is the perfect portion for us! AMICI’s Catering’s Mini Gourmet Buffet ($108+) serves 5-7 people and includes 5 dishes (1 main + 4 sides) from a wide selection of up to 15 dishes to choose from. Plus, it also comes with a complimentary 6” Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake to end the meal on a sweet note!
The other highlight on my food menu is definitely the limited edition 8-inch Nasi Lemak Cake with ingredients to represent our ethnic groups - Sambal Goreng Tempeh Anchovies Peanuts in Kicap Manis (Malay), Papadum (Indian), Fried Shrimp Paste (Chinese) and Blue Pea Rice (Peranakan)! How INNOVATIVE is that! The blooming tea from Petale Tea in heat-resistant tea glasses also added a dreamy touch to the set up because you can actually witness the flower bloom before you enjoy the beautiful cup of tea packed with a slew of health and beauty benefits!
This limited edition Nasi Lemak Cake from Nasi Lemak Indulgence really blew us all away! Everyone was commenting how it was a different tasteful experience and how meaningful each ingredient was as they represents the different ethnic groups. (I’m part Peranakan, btw!) 😆
My kids absolutely LOVED it and attacked (read : ate all) the cutest red and white kuehs that symbolizes the Singapore FLAG! How talented is my friend #bossbabe Elizabeth - each traditional handmade kueh platter ($37.50) comprises of mini png kuehs (rice cake), kueh lapis and even these perfect little Merlion ang ku kuehs (with grated coconut fillings)! 😍
We also had these special Nana Sling cocktails in gorgeous glass bottles from Three Wisemen and lemme also just say .. these drinks were preeeetty potent. 😝 Nana Sling is a seasonal Summer cocktail that requires 5 days to make. An unmistakably tropical concoction, this drink is a heady mix of lemon juice, homemade blossom water, pomegranate syrup and Brugal Rum-infused bananas, all combined with the intense orange flavour from shots of Cointreau.
The party ended perfectly with Amici Catering’s complimentary Lychee Rose Cake! PS the cake is super NICE with a fragrance of rose and lychee bits, everyone had seconds!
Ho, ho, ho! HAPPY 55th Birthday to the best country (to me!) ever! I love you Singapore! #SG55
Thank you Singapore for being a lovely place to live in where my friends and family are. You’re not perfect of coz - but I’m thankful and proud to call myself a Singaporean. 😚
Majulah, Singapura! 
And of courses thanks to PartyDiva.Co for making my get-together such a special and memorable one and taking the hassle out of party-planning! To know more, head over to https://partydiva.co/ to curate your very own special celebration! 💫
Special credits to PartyDiva.Co for everything and Word of Mouth Communications for organizing this. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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