Wedding Day Morning Gatecrash

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Good morning everyone!
The long weekend is coming so I hope everyone have a great weekend, ya!
Its exactly 1 month after the wedding... and how fast time flies!
But sigh, it just feels like yesterday.

 01Oct2011 Actual Morning GateCrash

Andy came over bright and early to do my hair and makeup.
We were running on a tight schedule due to the Church Ceremony but fortunately everything went so smoothly that we ended up having too much time inbetween!
But then again, better early than late I guess!

Welcome to my house!

My Jie Meis actually came over to my place acouple of days before to prepare most of the signage (u can see it later) and the actual planning of the Gatecrash was done afew weeks before.
We all met up previously for afew dinners for the Jie Meis to 'get-to-know' each other and brainstorm ideas.
U can check out the previous post here.

Our 'hard work' paid off!
This looks soooo CUTE!


We have an HELLO KITTY AIRLINE theme!
Every stage of the GateCrash was named accordingly.

1.Take Off
We played Alex To's Mandarin Song 'Take Off' for the guys to dance and remove their clothes!
2. Inflight Entertainment
This is where the girls would need the guys to wear the carefully laid out KEBAYAS!
They will then proceed to makeup and wear wigs for the 'ladies'!
3. Meals Onboard
The food are prepared in tin casseroles and covered in tin foil like the ones u eat on a plane!
4. Touch Down
The last and final stage of the Gatecrash where the Groom has to answer questions about the Bride - and with every wrong answer , the brothers have to do PUSH-UP!!!

Each JieMei was put incharged of a different 'stage'.
In that way everyone does their own thing and there is no 'leader' becoz I wanted everyone to be a part of the GateCrash and not to merely follow a more dominate JieMei.

For example, BFF Miko was incharged of the 'Meals Onboard' (Sweet/Sour/Bitter/Spicy) so she prepared the food items and gave directions on how the presentation should be, while the rest helped her out and gave suggestions etc.

In the meantime... I was preparing to try to look PRETTY on my big day!!!!

Loooooove the Hairstyle!
I wanted my fringe down for the Morning and amazingly Andy could transform my unruly hair into something so magical!! It was so nice with the flowers, the veil and all!!!!

The complete look for Morning.

My dearest parents putting on my VEIL for me.

Chopping, Dicing and Slicing carries on in my kitchen.

And finally the Meals Onboard are nearly done!
Wow they actually look DELICIOUS! 

 Say Cheese before I get married off!

Hahhahaa this pic still tickles me.
 Willy Foo (Our Photographer) must be thinking .. "Why so many Hello Kitty everywhere???"

One last pic acting sweet before we destroy the BROTHERS!!!! 
I loveeee my JieMeis... ! They were a great source of comfort, strength and most importantly, LAUGHTER during my entire Wedding Journey!!!!!

Team Bride ... !!!
We can do it!

The GateCrash has 3 JieMeis OUTSIDE and 3, INSIDE.

Wooo hooo ! We hear HONKING!
The Groom is here!

Opening the door.

I heart my hand bouquet!
He nearly forgot all about it until he was in the car! 
Nearly had a heart attack, he said! Wahahahaha!

The guys begrudgingly put on the uniforms....

Let the MAGIC begin! 
Love the wigs! So colourful!

Erm.. KK u are the prettiest Singapore Girl ever !!! 

AA pretend to act cool and put on his sunglasses.... ahahhahaha!

Then if thats not all - they got to eat all the horrible weird food.. ahhaha~

Ang Pow Ang Pow Ang Pow!

The Last Stage guys.. Hang on there!

Jungle Boy ... your answers all WRONG leh!

Next question!

Question 4 : How long exactly have we been together??
I think he said "5 years!" and my sisters went .." WRONG!" and then he said "4 years?!" and it was WRONG again...!!! Actually its 4 years 10 months! 

Push up Push up!

The mess!

Ang Pow not enough, la!

Every brother going.. "Hurry up la sisters!"

Calculate again and let us noe!
*Close door!*

Slipping under the door ...
Like ATM machine!

I could vaguely hear screaming and shouting and alot of laughter!
And I heard many many - "Not enough... u understand..!!!!"
(In Hokkien somemore thankyouverymuch)

Me, waiting patiently... :p

Hello Groom!

Hello Bride!

Going to the Groom's house... 

My darling sisters... POSING!

And one with the Bride before she leaves for her matrimonial home!

This is an end to the Morning GateCrash, guys!
Hope u enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking back at them.
Take care and have a great weekend everyone!

The month of November means its MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!
Looking forward to having a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH organised by my dear Lover and JieMei Pearly!
She bought so much party props and even has ideas for my cake!
Woooo hoooo! Im excited! And now I just need a place to hold it!
Any suggestions?

Peace out.
Love y'all!

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  1. Hi Elaine,

    Love your blogging style and just thinking whether you'll be blogging about your wedding banquet? Your wedding pictures are awesome =)

  2. Thanks sweets! I'll try! But its been so long ago :p

  3. aww....just can't get enough of your wedding pics!
    it is memorable one :)


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