The Beginning of our Taipei Trip

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello hello everyone!
Happy Friday to all and Im so happy that the weekend is here once again :D
I have church later on but here's a small quick post before we all go and enjoy the lovely evening.

Taipei 22 March 
Woke up really bright and early for the 8.30am flight!
I was pretty sleepy, having slept late the previous night.
 Checking in.
This time round was actually more of a trip for my in-laws who have always wanted to go to Taiwan.
We had a great deal of fun the last time round we went to Hong Kong & Macau so this year we decide to head to Taipei.
Hello Taipei!
Here we are in the car on the way to the hotel.
Along the expressway to  the city.
Stayed at the Sheraton for 2 nights
It was past lunch time so we wanted to go for a quick bite before we started exploring the place.
And where else but the original Din Tai Fung!
Its so much better to come here during off-peak hours becoz the last time we were here, 
we had to Q for at least 30-45 mins!
I LOVE xiao long bao!
(The Mascot so cuteeeeee!)
Dig in, everyone...!
The ever so busy Din Tai Fung kitchen!
After a great lunch - its time for some shopping!
Along the way.
Street shots.
A retail shopping building cum museum.
Retro items!
Do I look like Im in a provisional shop???
Hahahhaa its such a nice wall painting leh!
Vintage grills!
Checking out the wishes made.
More street photography.
Taipei's all about eating and snacking!
This is the first time Im trying this muah chee-like snack.. 
its sooooo DELICIOUS!
They actually BBQ the muah chee and then put lotsa peanut powder over it!
And of coz... the BEST oyster mee sua in the world!
Why soooo shiok one!
It was so warm (crazy weather) so we went back to the hotel and changed into something lighter.
And went to SHILIN Night Market!
Serious shopping shit here.
Eat again!
This is my ultimate favourite smelly beancurd stall in Shilin but the queue is horrendous so you have to be really patient! 
And for first-timers, there is a 'Takeaway' queue and a 'Dine-In' queue, so make sure you dun stand in the wrong line! 
Or else will kena re-queue one lor. 
Dun say I never say. :p
The glutton me.
This picture is soooo adorable!
Bored little girl waiting for her mother who is shopping in the shop!
This is the newly built Shilin food centre corner. 
Just a stone's throw from the night market.
Basement food court.
Air-conditioned now!
But my clothes super food smell after eating there. 
Their oyster omelette was pretty delicious!
Had a simple meal of ru rou fan (braised pork rice), meatball soup and oyster omelette and ended the night early coz we had to wake up for a tour to the outskirts of Taipei the very next morning!
Back with more and I'll take some time off this weekend to reply all the tags!
Sorry its taking so long but I promise I've read it all :D
Have a great weekend.. pixies.
God bless.
My Jill Stuart loots from Taipei ... !!!
Its sooo pretty Im quite going crazy over all the pink!
Love it!
(But sadly the makeup's so-so only.)

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  1. never know Din Tai Fung is originally from Taiwan but I do miss walking around Xi Men Ding :D

  2. Nice pictures. May i ask the model of the camera you are using?

  3. Damn! Great shots and Taipei looks like a great place to visit. =)

  4. Nath: Yes! Originally from Taiwan but has franchises all over the world.. so amazing! :D
    I love to walk XMD but the things there very ex hor :p

    PrincessMic: Thanks dear!
    Pics are from Nikon D3S :)))))

    Zzany: It is! So much better than HGK (service & fashion) and BKK (weather)
    Many Sporeans go there all the time for holidays now! :D

  5. I love Taipei!!!!! Such great great photos. I miss the street food and the night market... *sniffles* :")

    The Moonberry Blog

  6. I love it there too! But the perfect mandarin there was beginning to overwhelm me alittle after awhile, haha.
    I did miss conversing in Singlish too coz I was trying to convey 'teh siu dai' (tea with less milk) but all we could find was milk tea from bubble tea shops. #truestory
    I missed my Sing jia por kopitiam la!


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