Daddy's 60th & a Hair Tutorial!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Hello everyone!
I was thinking of posting this during the weekend but I reckon I have some time to spare before heading to church later so I better do this up before I get all lazy and chilled out during the weekend :p

It was my Daddy's simple 60th birthday dinner last night.
(He reads the blog, so ... Hi Dad!)

-1st March, Thursday-

Popped by Awfully Chocolate before dinner.
Unfortunately I was alittle too sick and drowsy previously to prepare a proper cake for my Dad but he's diabetic so he doesnt do cake anyways :p
It was crowded! Business was great.
One of the restaurants that we frequent.
Dad loves Japanese food! (and sake!) so sometimes we indulge alittle during joyous occasions.
Favourite Snapper sashimi! 
Sometimes they dun have it so you have to ask the chef.
The very kind waitress bought out an array of Sake that just came in.
The star of the night!
Freshness 101 ~ everything was so sweet.
Lets get the cake out!
Happy 60th Birthday my dearest Daddy!
My number One fan who always keeps my picture close to his heart.
He buys me food when Im hungry, gives me money to go shopping when Im sad and never has a harsh word for me even when Im in the wrong.
He doesnt say it but I know deep down he will be the only guy in the whole wide world who loves me unconditionally, - since the first day he set his eyes on me, some 30 years ago.
(Although he always say I dun look the least bit like him at all!)
But hey, I have his nose! :p
"A happy family is but an earlier heaven." - Anonymous
Thank you Dad and Mum for everything. 
Its been wonderful being your daughter and I could never have wished for anything else in the world.
I do love you both very, very much.
Special Thanks to Butterfly Lodge for the Charming Lace Top.
(Comes in white too)
I tied my hair up, wore a huge belt and flare jeans.
Clutch bag from Balenciaga.
Their latest collection 'The Love Continues' has a range of romantic lace dresses and whimsical pieces so happy shopping everyone.
 *** Butterfly Lodge ***
P.s I really love the Oriental Crochet Floral Dress $38/- and Classy Dottie Dress with Belt $39/-.
Take care and have fun.

*** Pouffe Hair Ponytail Tutorial ***

Some of you might be interested in this hairstyle and I haven done it in ages actually!
Its actually a hairstyle I did for the in-between hair cut period where my fringe is too long to be down.
But becoz my fringe is not as long now, it might not look as nice as when I did it previously! 
Its pretty easy so do feel free to leave a tag if you have any other questions.

Things you need:
Step 1. Part your fringe from the rest of your hair coz you need to backcomb a section before tying it up in a ponytail.
Step 2. Backcomb that section.
(Spray some hairspray on comb or straight on hair)
Backcombing simply means taking a comb and combing it in the opposite direction (downwards) to create volume.
Frankly I try not to do it too often becoz it is actually not good for the hair.
Esp if your hair breaks easily.
Spray more hairspray if needed.
Continue to backcomb front portion of hair.
Step 3.  There will be some volume at the top already so start to tie the rest of the hair in a sleek ponytail.
Dun worry if its alittle messy now.
Hairspray is your best friend.
Comb your ponytail.
Make sure your rubber band is tight.
This is from a side angle.
Step 4. You can 'tease' your hair more if you would like to have more volume.
Spray again!
Its quite important to make sure there are no flyaways, as this is a rather sleek look.
Here's a small cheat tip from my flying days.
Use a hairdryer to set the spray quickly so the volume doesnt weight down before the hairspray dries.
Can u see some pouffe? 
Here's an additional step to make the ponytail nicer!
Pull a lock of hair from bottom.
Go round the rubber band to cover it up.
Pin it to secure the lock of hair.
Its going to look something like this.
Spray more hairspray!
You can either choose to make your ponytail curly or leave it straight as it is.
Here I am using a large curling tong.
And set it with more hairspray and you are done!
Have fun.
Dun be afraid to try it out.
Works great for bad hair days and when you really have no idea what to do with your mane. :)
More looks.
Have a blast.

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  1. any recommended hair spray?

  2. Hi! I use Tresemme which is unfortunately unavailable in Sin but my 2nd fav brand of hairspray is the Gatsby one! (silver can with clear plastic cap) u can get it easily at Watsons n its v gd n strong hold! Try it!

  3. thank u so much for the hair tute. :)
    Now i know the fringe is secured by hairspray only. thanks thanks!

  4. Welcome dear!!! Yup yup secured by hairspray only coz i find it more 'sleek' tat way. U can use pins to secure too! No hard & fast rules :)))

  5. Hi Elaine,

    NIce hair tutorial!! Thanks for sharing... May i know what tong you are using to curl your hair? The curl is really really nice.. :)

  6. Hi dear! Ooops sorry for the late reply, didnt see!
    I use Panasonic Ionity.. Its really GOOD!

  7. You are not late... Thanks for sharing!! Definitely must be good!! Coz yr curls are beautiful!! :)

  8. Lol!! I think its part practice too! Once u get the hang of it, its quite easy to DIY curls!! :))) have fun!!!


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