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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello everyone! 
First and foremost I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU for nominating me into the Blog Awards 2012 coz ...
It was totally unexpected, took me by utter surprise and to be frank, I kinda forgot all about it. :p
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Wo zheng de mei you xiang dao ... ~ *cry*
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Ok enough self-promoting liao.
Here's pics from my KL trip!
Actually I wanted to post about other stuff but got Hello Kitty related pics here so .....
Hello Kitty WIN LAR.
- KL Trip 15th May -
We went KL last year too so here's the link :)
Read my library book onboard! 
"Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?" - I LOVE THEM BOTH!
One's a iconic fashion symbol as well-known for her penchant for big dark sunglasses, and the other's the world's most recognised sex symbol who would never let you see another white halter neck dress in the same light ever again. 
Flight's only 45 mins so totally chilled and before you know it.....

We are here!
KLIA airport has amazing sunlight.
And many Harrod's bears!!!! 
Cannot resist la, let me take another picture can.
(My wassap spam with food mentions when I said I going KL lor)
The room was not ready yet so we went over to the Pavillion's Old Town cafe for tea time!
Wah lau can shiok til die lor drink teh siu dai
Bestest drink ever invented
Feeling peckish ... we eat!
Dunno pose for wat lor I.
So blur until ~ also not take me chey is take food.
Went back change into comfy shorts and go roam the streets of KL!!!
At Sungei Wang
Look like holding on to train pole anot 
No la bluff u one, this is shopping centre
I bought my Hello Kitty specs here!!!! 
sho cute ... buey tahan.
(Mean the specs la)
I love this pic soooo much!!!!
Do as my wallpaper for twitter nice not?
Bought this for irritating bestie coz she very extra go and change hp to Samsung Note and everyday kp say Note got no nice hp casing compared to Iphone.
But mainly becox she passed me all her Hello Kitty Iphone casing la so I just yi si yi si buy something for her :p
I want go HongKonggggggg
Then we went to get some dessert!
Taro balls in red bean!
Passed by a cafe and popped in for a drink coz it was soooo hot!
Cool down straightaway!
Back to hotel to rest our feet
I changed into another top coz my clothes was practically soaked.
If Singapore is hot - KL is HOTTER can.
We are back here! 
Nom nom nom delicious char siewwwwwww
Really SHIOK!
84 Jalan Imbi  55100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Then we went to Chinatown!
Actually I just want to wear my Hello Kitty specs LOL
Lotsa of food and wares.
Its like a huge pasar malam and I bought singlets! Totally apt for our weather now
Everytime come here we damn wan to eat this claypot rice.. 
but always too full to eat!
Going to Jalan Alor
KL street food at its BEST!
Look at the crowd!!!!
Hmmmmmm duriansssssss
Bought my favorite guava with sour plum powder!!! 
Went to the hotel bar for drinks
A glass for u? :)
It was a hot day!
The place was lovely! 
And everyone so nice and friendly even when we were in slippers and shorts.
Great nightcap to end the trip!
Woke up bright and early coz I was flying back to Singapore on the morning flight while the hubs flew domestic and to the jungle.
My fav THOSAI! 
Wah lau wash down with teh tarik - heavenly.
Dip with yr hands 
(Ya la eat thosai must use hands leh!)
And put in yr mouth!! 
Sun very bright here, really.
Tats why I wear sunglasses not act cool hor. 
Then after that we left for the airport!
Thank you all for staying with me.
Appreciate it sho sho muchie pixies. 
kisses hugs love

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