My Surprise Birthday Supper

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello everyone!
I know.. its been so LONG! Sorry for the lack of updates. Its been a crazy week of Xmas shopping, meetups and celebrations! Today Im finally feeling the consequences of this merry-making season, - for my throat is getting alittle sore! I went to bed early last night and popped by the clinic for a quick look at my inflamed tonsils and the doctor ordered me lotsa rest - so Im skipping yoga today. :(
And here are the pictures from my birthday surprise last month! 
(Pics here courtesy of our friends YJ and Jacky!)
My husband started planning it a month prior and I thank everyone who made the effort to come down. Thanks everybody thankssss!
Here's me! Totally awkward and surprised!
My darling girlfriends were along for the ride! 
And my usual suspects!
Like little elves... they all came with presents!
Hello George!
Super stunned beyond words coz I didnt expect the whole restaurant to be filled with our friends! I thought only 5 or 6 nia!
My Hello Kitty Sake set! Thanks Teppei gang I love it!
Got beer, will drink.
Surprise from the chef!
Happy Hello Kitty Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!
Priceless. Hello Kitty Onigiri (rice ball)
Lets start dinner!
Going round taking pics!
And lotsa drinks!
More presents!
My Do-Re-Mi Orange boxes! Yay!
Feeding Jacky (wats new)
Group Pic! (Sorry Diane and YS! Alamak didnt know u two go toilet)
Sigh. Machiam my husband birthday! U see! He drinking champagne out of a BOWL! Faintzzzzzzz max.
The next day he hangover. Orbi good. I got show him this picture.
Continuing the dinner
with more more bubbly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then my turn????????????
Monkey chef
Jacky dun anyhow KISS people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole night long
Eat drink repeat
Another surprise
(Home-made and designed by the Tews!)
Thank u thank u Tews!
Take picture with BFF
The other one forever SICK when its my birthday! This time with chickenpox! Please dun come later pass to me. I dun wan.
My dearest Hello Kitty partner!
Girlfriends! (and one guy)
My Alamak group!
Teppei gang!
Cutting the Kitty! *Heartpain*
Pics from Jacky
Why another round of champagne?????? I dun rem all this!
Dunno how come we all end up outside
Trying to be Kitty
Look what George brought OUTSIDE the restaurant!
My friend happily holding sake glass PLUS bottle. I sibeh faint!
Love my GALS!
Die die must put in this in! From last year's Hello Kitty Party! (2011)
and 1 year later!!! Hahahah!
Thank you all for dropping by!
Will be back real soon! xoxoxoxo
p.s Story of my life : Me & Hello Kitty and then my husband in the background DRINKING BEER. Sigh.
Love y'all!
Special thanks and much love to the (Click here!) for their lovely Fifi Printed Animal Snow Top that I wore that night!
I decided to go casual for dinner, hence this lovely top matched with blue high-waisted shorts... but it turned out to be a surprise party instead! But luckily I ish never wear old t-shirt go!
I love their new collection - The Bows and Ribbons found on the tops, dresses and its sooo perfect for the upcoming Holiday season duncha think so! 
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Valid til 31st Dec so do hurry!
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Happy shopping dearies!

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