An Early Por Kee Dinner

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hello everyone!
I promise this post is gonna be like the food I ate at Por Kee a couple of weeks ago - quick and simple! Its my BFF's housewarming party later on and we're heading down soon together with my other BFF after she cuts my fringe! Its getting so long, and all in my eyes .. and I really cant stand it!
Dinner at Por Kee 
This is a place we return to quite frequently becoz their food never seem to let us down. However they get really busy during peak hours and weekends so be prepared to sit outside becoz the place is pretty small inside!
But it was a beautiful day when we had dinner so we were more than willing to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze.
Some dishes that we had - Beancurd with peas and Pork Ribs in Stout.
But this was the real deal. 
Thai style fish in a seemingly sour and spicy tom yum soup base! We all love this and never fail to finish this whenever we come here.
The soup is also kept hot with fire below, so it really tastes excellent til the last drop. The only gripe I have with this place is the lousy steamed white rice that they serve, - it's not fragrant at all and quite hard to chew! I always skip the steamed rice and much rather just eat the dishes alone. Which is a pity becoz for the prices that they are charging as a restaurant, I really think they should improve the quality of rice that they use. Afterall, being Asians we take our rice very seriously! (This is also just me posting this after a week in Melbourne and seriously missing my good Chinese food!)
Look at my tam jiak (greedy) face. Sigh. 
No wonder I ish can never go on diet.
Thats all ~ (told ya its a quick post today!)
And now Im running late and really need to get out of the house soon but I hope u're having a great weekend! Take care!
Lotsa love
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  1. Babe, is that a YSL cocktail ring you were wearing in this post? If yes, mind telling me the US sizing?

  2. Hi dear! The ring was a sponsored piece by :)
    Im looking at getting the YSL one but they dun have my size boo hoo


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