The Caffe B, Concert and Cut Day Out

Friday, December 07, 2012

Hello hello ~ ni hao!
Just a quick 'nothing much, but let the pictures do the talking' post today! :) 
This post is kinda like my state of mind now... and everytime I come back from a holiday, all I wanna do is to sit back. And do nothing. :p
Caffe B (Dinner)
Recently we had tickets to see Airsupply at MBS, so the hubs and I decided to go for a pre-concert dinner at Caffe B.
Caffé B is the nouveau Italian fine dining restaurant and bar concept that marries the best of Italian tradition, style and cuisine with the soul and sensibilities of the Japanese culture. Caffé B offers premium quality and authentic modern Italian delicacies and exclusive, fine Italian wines.
Oooo~ I love the intricate decor from the outside! Lush velvet drapes, interesting patterns and a huge huge wine cove that is visible from the main entrance!
Upon stepping in, Im transported to a grandeur setting - with delicate chandeliers on the ceiling.  
A glass of bubbly to start off my wonderful evening
The Amuse Bouche that night was certainly a cute surprise when not 1, but 2 chefs came out of the kitchen to personally present the dish to their diners!
Extreme dedication! And very humorous too!
My Amuse Bouche
I liked this! Sesame waffle biscuit with mousse.
We also ordered 2 starters that evening - The first , Il Prosciutto,Variazione di San Daniele con Granita di Basilico e Melone : Italian Ham, Specially Flown from San Daniele, Cured and Fried Served with 
Refreshing Sorbet in Flavors of Dry Basil and Sweet Melon, and the second, the Degustazione di Foie Gras Homemade Foie Gras "Magnum" Terrine Crumbled with Crunchy Walnuts, Drizzled with Honey and Balsamic Sauce, Pan Fried Foie Gras with Filo pastry in Apple Sauce and Savory Tartlet Topped with a Gentle Foie Gras Mousse with Brandy flavour
I particularly liked this 'ice-cream'! Haha its actually made to look like ice-cream, but its foie gras pate with walnuts on a stick!  
Parma ham was the hubs's second great love (after me, hehe) but Im not really drawn to salted food but thats just me. 
My main course was the Tagliolini Uova e Spinaci All'Aragosta :  Fresh Homemade Mixed of Tagliolini with Fresh Live Boston Lobster in an Epicurean Lobster Sauce.
My Lobster pasta was extremely delicious and I like how the tagliolini was perfectly cooked, and the presentation of the dish was also very well-done. The lobster was cut in the way that you would only need to gently use ur fork to pull out the meat, so you dun worry about getting dirty!
I believe the husband had the Vongole e Bottarga Spaghetti and Fresh Clams Sautéed with Chardonnay Wine Sprinkled with Italian Dried Mullet Roe for the night and while the portions and size of the clams was generous, his spaghetti was slightly under-cooked when it arrived. Admittedly if I was not rushing for a concert, I would have sent the dish back but we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt n play nice this time round,  becoz frankly every other dish was impeccable! 
Haha! He forced me to try some!
I really enjoyed myself and I have to credit the wonderful service staff that night becoz everyone was absolutely lovely to us and we had a great dinner before heading to the concert. The spaghetti was the only let-down of the night but we dun find it too big of a deal becoz even the most experienced chefs might miss a beat or two once in a while. Having said that, we intend to give Caffe B another chance becoz we did appreciate the experience and look forward to having another pleasant culinary time there :)
Concert (Air Supply)
Watching Air Supply in concert was super fun! They sing fabulous live! They even walked all the way down into the crowd and gamely took pictures with fans. While singing! World-class act, no doubt.
There was strict no-photo taking rules but the China girl infront of me was hilarious when she tried to pull a fast one and record nearly the whole of first half of the concert even when the ushers had repeatedly warned her not to do so! LOL. Why dun people get it? You spoil ur own experience at the concert by fiddling with your handphone the whole time! If you wanna watch it on ur phone, just go to youtube la. :)
CUT (After concert drinks)
We wanted to beat the jam at the carpark so we decided to pop by CUT by Wolfgang Puck for drinks at the bar!
My drink is called the HELLO KITTY!
But why wasnt it pink? Orange matched my dress code for the day - but its not a Hello Kitty colour! *pouts*
Tasted abit weird with ginger in it too but oh well, got alcohol I happy :p
Mini burgers for supper! I had one, and it was really good! I would love to try the steakhouse someday!
Great great conversation with the bartenders there too! Really friendly and knowledgeable too !
It was a great day, just soaking in the atmosphere and buzz at CUT, after a fabulous dinner and concert. Sometimes all you need is time alone with your other half and going with the flow of the night.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain
Great weekend ahead loves!

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