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Saturday, December 08, 2012

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First up, I just wanna make it clear that I'm not a fan of facials. 
I've been having regular IPL sessions with my aesthetic doctor to get rid of my pigmentation from all my years of suntanning and wakeboarding but I've not had a proper facial ever since I got married. And frankly, its really just because I dun like the hard-selling, the pushy sales tactic or worse, the experience of someone telling me that I have horrible (insert bad word) skin and that can only be rectified if I pay alot of money do whatever they say.
It got so bad until I was steadily refusing facial sponsors becoz I dun wan anyone to go through such an experience, until recently - I had some email queries on facials and started thinking that I might need to be 'open' to having a facial. Soon. 
Perhaps God heard me, or perhaps its the perpetual positive energy of the universal law that no self-respecting woman shall walk around with bad skin, - Glomax Aesthetics contacted me shortly with an invitation for a facial :)
They are located at SOHO 2 , 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, and if you're blur like me - I've taken the liberty to snap a couple of directional pictures here for your reference. You're welcome.  
Going up to the 6th floor after acting like a secret agent with all the secret ( its actually the unit number '06168' only la) password at the door, this is the view that greeted me. Nice! Looks like a beautiful day already!
Feeling all James Bond girl, Im supposed to Skyfall my way along a hush-hush corridor to get to Glomax Aesthetics.
I saw a suspicious looking man looking at me suspiciously (but maybe thats becoz we were in the same lift and I followed right behind him) - before I can karate chop him into oblivion, I actually saw that I've reached my destination.  So, here we go!
Stepping in, it was truly a small but extremely cosy place!
Hazel was so sweet to personally greet me when I got there and even took the time to explain to me her acne skin journey and I was amazed by her current clear skin! Hazel dear if you are reading this, I just want to let you know that you are truly a beautiful gal inside and out! And your skin really look great now :)
After a very thorough skin analysis and lovely chat with in-house skin therapist Sun, I realised that while I have relatively good skin, - my main problems are skin dullness and premature aging due to constant sun exposure.
 After determining my skin condition and lifestyle - I was going to begin my Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment that lasts approximately 90 mins.
Tools of the trade
Hope I dun scare you - but this is me after Penang
I rarely get pimples, save for one or two during that time of the month, but the pollution and dust in Penang made me have spots!
The start of the facial is my Diamond Microdermabrasion ~ a skin revealing tactic that gets rid of dead skin cells, thus revealing new baby soft skin beneath.
Here's proof.
My wonderful therapist, Peishan showing me my improved skin condition after
No editing, no colour correction - Take a look
After Peishan did both sides of my face, we proceeded to Sonic cleansing - a much need ritual that uses sonic waves to remove the whiteheads without any pain. After which, extraction manually was done to remove stubborn blackheads and pimples. It was bearable to me, for I have a high threshold of pain anyways. 
A complimentary brow shaping followed, and I am appreciative of it even when I recently got my brows done elsewhere.
After extraction, my therapist followed by using a high frequency, germ-killing, James Bond quality machine to destroy all the bad bad pimple-causing bacteria for me
I am slightly apprehensive of this Glomax review when I saw my angry bumps in the camera after extraction. Coz they really looked huge and ugly , like mosquito bites and I dread trying to think of ways to hide it with makeup!
But Peishan explained that she found my skin to be rather sensitive, hence the huge bumps right after extraction.
(Which is true, as I recently found out. I can't get my skin dry, it turns an angry red.)
And thus, she also concocted a special Vitamin blend for my skin - (*Depending on different skin type)‘- Energie Care's cocktail of vitamins. 
For me, Glomax blended:
Vitamin C (promotes collagen production), Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, super whitening), Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening)
I also had a head and shoulder massage (but not a face massage for me, as not to simulate my sensitive skin) during my mask. It felt nice and I nearly dozed off too!
Here's the result! 
Review :  I loved the one-to-one personal consultation time with my therapist and in no way did I ever feel rushed or pressured into doing something that I didnt want to do. Most places let you choose the kind of treatments that you prefer, but Glomax Aesthetic would change and customize each specific facial to individual needs. I was also extremely concerned about the cost of the treatment (even when mine was sponsored) but the staff was extremely patient and answered all my endless queries while assuring me that they do not have any hidden charges. My treatment went without a hitch, and the extraction was only slightly uncomfortable (normal). The only glitch I had was the noise level as this was an extremely small place (2 rooms) but it was a relatively delightful experience in total. This is a place that is extremely private, and is definitely a well-hidden secret in the city. Do try it if you wanna find somewhere quiet and discreet - with not in a bloody chance that you will meet anyone you know on the street! 
Updated : I've actually booked a 2nd appointment for myself and my dear friend, - and out of my own pocket! Looking forward to another wonderful experience, (for my friend, especially!) will keep you all updated!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
As a special promotion to all readers of Elaine73 -
Simply quote 'Blogger Elaine' to be entitled to a Lumious Detox Energie Care Treatment for $58/- (Usual price : $168!) - a similar treatment that I personally did!
I really enjoyed myself there, and am now a firm believer of regular facial treatments becoz I truly saw a skin difference after! I personally intend to keep this up once every 3 months perhaps - each treatment would cost approximately (on average) $150/- each time, so doing it bi or tri-monthly seems to be rather cost-effective. Having said that, this is in relation to my specific skin condition - so yours might differ from mine. :) Wishing you all the best in finding the perfect facial place and hope you enjoyed my little review! Take care and have a great weekend~! Bye!

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  1. I love the ambience of the office! :’> Anyway, it’s good to know that you opted for a proper facial, Elaine. =) We all know that our face is always exposed to harsh elements such as sunray and smoke. It also provides a deeper cleansing and a more notable exfoliation than what we get at home.

  2. Hi Dennis!
    Thats so true but facials do take a great deal of time so sometimes I cant really find the time (and effort ha) to do it regularly. Thankfully Im blessed with low maintenance skin so a facial once every 3 mths is more than suffice :) Thank God! :p
    p.s I do enjoy the extraction part though!

  3. Oh wow! You can really see on the last photo that your skin become more radiant and beautiful! With the facial, you surely don’t need to use various cosmetic products; likewise you’re guaranteed that your face will truly get the best treatment it deserves!

  4. You can say that I’m one of those guys who really value how I look a lot, and it’s all thanks to my girlfriend! Having facial treatments, I would say, is one of our bonding moments. I like it. Not only does it cleanse my face, but it also relaxes me. And I benefit from it because my job requires me to come face to face with my clients. I have to look presentable.

    Geoffrey Lelia


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