When We Went Melbourne! (Day 1)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello hello everyone! 
Im sitting in my PJs, with a cuppa tea but not wanting to go anywhere else before I wish everyone Merry Christmas! Its been a real crazy time with all the last minute shopping and wrapping of presents and before I know it.. its CHRISTMAS TOMORROW?!! Wow! Im thoroughly enjoying the last of my 2012 before welcoming the new year with a bang!
Last month, we flew off for a holiday with my in-laws the day before my birthday! 
Breakfast before departure
Bought my Hello Kitty Instamax camera onboard! 
Birthday pressie from my lover! I love it so much! xx
Touching down into Aussie landddd yo!
Melbourne is 3 hours ahead of Singapore, so it was dark when we got there!
First stop right after checking in our hotel ... Chinatown!
Supper Inn for supper!
Very engrossed cox very hungry
Clams were sooo biggggg!
The portions were huge but we were gobsmacked at the prices too! Melbourne's becoming extremely expensive and I think we paid Aus $50 for around 3 dishes.
Went for drinks at Crown casino~!
Yay! Found one thing cheap in Melbourne though.. ALCOHOL!
Live band
Love bubbly!
Another round of drinks and supper back in the room haha!
Got to go off for lunch and then church service later! 
Will be back soon but in the meantime, I do wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Merry Christmas everyone! 
Joy to the world! Catch ya all love soon xoxoxo

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