A Secret Birthday Party

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello everyone! Its the beginning of a brand new week and I foresee being very very busy ...
Perils of a housewife I guess :p
I need to start on my spring cleaning and then clear some of the hubs wardrobe! Got to get rid of some of the old and make space for the new! This is what happens every Chinese New Year, isnt it! I dread the cleaning but at the same time I secretly think that its very therapeutic. There is no better feeling then throwing away or donating all the stuff that you dun use and get everything clean and sparkling. Sometimes, like feelings .. we hoard things only to bury it deep and it might never see the light. So every year I try to take those things out and if they are still in a good condition , I would much rather give it away to someone more deserving. Everything has its purpose and even when you dun see how good the thing is, - maybe someone might treasure it and give it a much better home. This year, my resolution is to throw out any negativity and think of the positive. After all, life is short. Just be happy. :)
Earlier in the month, I held a secret surprise birthday party for the hubs at home!
The idea was started by his Alamak Photography group of friends who needed a place for the party. 
We started brainstorming about a month earlier and after going through other avenues, I decided that it is still easier to hold it at home, especially after putting the number of guests/timing/food etc in consideration.
Our friend Adel came over to help with the decorations after we bought drinks and got the cake etc etc
Placards by my party queen Dii! Who unfortunately had to work last minute but she did all these for me! 
Erm.. but this 'Cake' sign is specially for George though!
Since the theme was CAMERAS (Obviously ... due to the hub's love for photography and the fact that his Photography friends organised this party ... ) - I got a special cake done in the shape of his favourite camera. Main cake by Cherylshuen and they cost me $300
These cupcakes were separately ordered at CakeStory becoz I felt the original cake might be too simple and plain. So I got them to do cookies and a dozen cupcakes, too. I paid $120 for them.
The cake was very well-done and everyone was pretty in awe of it
Look real, no?
I placed the cookies around the cupcakes and cakes and gave it out after the party 
Prior to the party, I secretly printed out pictures of the hubs and make a huge birthday scrapbook style card for him! He is extremely camera-shy and doesnt like to take pictures so I had to find pictures taken by our other friends and I've included some of our personal travel pictures and also had my mother-in-law to dig out old baby pictures of the hubs! It was hilarious! 
Some pictures on the card
Made up of many wonderful memories :)
My lesbo Dii helped with the card and then she did all these for the party! So thank you once again Lesbo! You are truly my Party Princess! All the ideas! I seriously cant thank you enough.
I took his camera books and photography magazines befitting the theme
The final results 
Guests started steaming in by 6-ish where the plan was to surprise the hubs 
Presents for the birthday boy
So the Part 2 of the whole birthday plan was that 3 of our friends (George, Leslie & YJ) would get him to go Funan and look at camera stuff while we gathered everyone else at home first. They also had him suggest a good camera bag on pretext of getting one .. but actually that bag was going to be his birthday present!  However, the plan went alittle wary coz the birthday boy had wanted me to join him at Funan for dinner and he refused to come back home! We all started to panic there and then, actually! 
Everyone waiting with bated breath
Finally we got my Father-in-law to pretend to call him home to discuss about something serious so we all heaved a sigh of relief! LOL oh boy did we had such a hard time getting him home!
Er while waiting ~ just pose!
Thank you Jacky for these photos from the party! And CH for the video!
Finally YJ & George (who cooked up some excuse to leave Funan first) reached first and Joie hurriedly wrote names on the present for the birthday boy! No time to wrap also!
Thanks to Leslie .. who was an excellent actor! He did a great job in getting the birthday boy home! And look at his extremely SURPRISED face when he got home to a party of people!!!
He clearly wasnt expecting all these!
And all his friends was there!
Admiring his own cake LOL
Having a laugh
Another brithday present for him ... BEER TOWER!
"Yes I know you need a drink" 
Picture ready
"Isnt this what I chose just now!!!!???"
You better like it .. coz u chose it!
Thank you speech haha!
Alot of cameras that day!
I ordered Glory buffet that night for I really find the food good! 
Dinner begins
Chatting away
Haha I dun remember this picture leh!
We got video somemore dun play play k
I remember vaguely getting everyone to drink the half-yard ... OOOPS~
And drink we did
Passing along to the birthday boy!
And yuck to me too!
Hahahah everybody kena sabo
Girl power k!
Wahahaha who ask bff to stand behind me
Her hero husband take and drink!
Continuing the drinking~
Even Jacky! 
And my mother!!!!!
And my father-in-law!
And my father! (Family affair)
Evil Ah Ong!
You drink first!
I faint. This Ah Ong can finish the whole thing (But Im not surprised)
Playing with Anova light!
There! This is YOUR SIGN!
Very bright! Like studio!
Professional one ok!
Is it a real camera ...........?
Where this come from ah
Lets cut some CAKE!
Birthday boy brought out his REAL camera out to compare!!!
Happy Birthday!
Say cheese!
Thank you everyone for the effort! From the planning to the actual surprise .. I think we managed to pull it all off and actually make it into a SUCCESS! 
I'll never plan another party! Hahahha!
It was such a torture keeping it a secret from my hubby! 
But the smile on your face is worth it. :)
Happy birthday to you.

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