Melbourne Day 3 at Chapel Street

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hi everyone! Its 31.12.2012 today!
Before I know it, 2012 is gone in a flash. It has been a year of mostly good fun and Im really blessed to know many many new friends from blogging, from events and outings. But it has also been a year of revelations, secrets and admissions .. and thankfully there should be a closure to everything so Im looking forward to put the past behind and start everything on a new page. Just like how Im thankful for the new people that came into my life.. similarly I should be able to let those who choose to walk away go.
In life, you should really be take it easy and take time to smell the roses.. no point thinking of how others might see you, or how people perceive - becoz people who truly love you.. Dun really give a shit. :)
Here's my 3rd Day in Melbourne! 
It was in the afternoon when we headed to Chapel Street! Melbourne is ahead of Singapore by 3 hours.. and it was dreadful trying to wake up early! Imagine waking up at 9am (SG time) and its already noon in Aussie! Too late for shopping coz the shops close at 4pm ~ urghhhhh.
It was summertime but still abit chilly so I wore my's Alexia Chiffon Maxi Dress with a denim jacket! Perfect for the weather that day!
Walking down the trendy Chapel Street
Chapel Street is a shopping, dining and entertainment precinct in Melbourne, Australia. It has myriad shops ranging from exclusive upmarket fashion designers at the South Yarra end to old fashion pawnbrokers towards Windsor. There are also plenty of cafes and bars along the street.
These look too YUMMY!
The hubby was feeling peckish so we decided to stop by this pretty interesting cafe along the road
Its a Russian cafe, hence the wide selection of vodka in the menu!
An extremely rustic feel to this place too
Ordered a Borsch soup to share!
Not bad.. not bad at all!
Continuing our journey ~
Have time, will shop!
We had a dinner to attend that night, so we went to the bottle shop to stock up on beer!
I really wish there are hugeeee wine shops like these here in Singapore! 
And most of the wines are so bloody cheap wtf. Good one somemore!
Dinner that night
Held at a Chinese restaurant, we attended it with my in-laws.
Mother-in-law and me!
Uncle Xu played the piano that night and he is really one of the best and most talented musicians I've ever seen. Im not even a musically-inclined person but his passion on the instrument was admirable. I was so touched by his self-composed piece .. I nearly teared!
I truly applaud you, Uncle Xu! You're really great!
Sharing a laugh during dinner
Saw this before I left the restaurant! Look at how huge the crab is! 
Alamak bigger than my open palm!
Went back to the hotel soon after ....... to drink our drinks we bought in the afternoon! :p
Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Hope u are having a great COUNTDOWN! 
Happy 2013!
“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” 
- Oprah Winfrey
Special Thanks to Alwoodshop once again for their lovely Alexia Chiffon Maxi Dress $34/- (Since sold out, sorry!) Here's my previous advert for them here! 
This dress was extremely light-weight and so easy to pack for my holiday coz its made of chiffon and it doesnt crease at all. Remember to pack it on the top of heavier materials and you can simply wear it straight out of the luggage! Its unique cutting made it breezy to wear and I matched it with a denim jacket that afternoon. :)
All readers are entitled to a 5% discount when they quote "Elaine73AW" and this promotion have been extended to 13 Jan 2013 so do drop by soon! New arrivals of apparels and accessories almost daily too!
Here's my favourite new picks from!
Happy New Year Happy Shopping everyone! xoxo
Instagram: Alwoodshop

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