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Monday, January 21, 2013

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Hello everyone! Happy Monday to all :)
If you have been following me in Twitter @sugar7733 or Instagram @sugar73, you would have seen me in my new hairstyle for 2013! 
Background on my hair(style) : My hair has been faithfully dyed and cut by my BFF (who happens to be a hairstylist) for many years and when Essensuals BUGIS kindly offered me an invite down to the salon .. I was pretty apprehensive to say the least. Its like waddling into the deep end of the pool without a safety float, or the palpitations that you get when you ride a bicycle for the first time. I am EXTREMELY particular about my hair. And my BFF can surely attest to that. I tell her what to do and how to cut it exactly the way I want it to be and if she doesnt do it right the first time ... I roll my eyes and threaten to cut HER hair if she tries to be funny with mine. But of coz over the years, we have built such an admirable mutual understanding and trust ... that all I have to do is to cock an eyebrow and she would shrug her shoulders and proceed to cut my hair without me uttering a single word. So yes .. imagine how alarmed I felt at the thought of her not being with me as I sit in a strange, unfamiliar salon chair to do something as important as giving birth. 
And that is .... to cut my hair alone.
*Some dramatization in the story above, obviously .. but hey you get my point :D
Welcome to Essensuals Bugis! 
I am somewhat assured that I am good hands because .. I do alot of homework. 
Thankfully the Essensuals Bugis Facebook (Click here!) has many many pictures of chio bu-s, famous bloggers, handsome men and actual paying customers that acts as a walking testimony to let me know what I am getting myself in for! I saw lovely hair pictures and some of them looked like they walked right out of a shampoo advertisement! So my rationale is : if you are not happy with your hair, you will never let anyone take picture of u right?!
Background of Essensuals Bugis: Originally from TONI&GUY Heeren salon, - Director of Essensuals Bugis Bryan Teo hand-picked his elite team of highly skilled Stylists, who exude a fresh, spirited confidence within their professional cut and colour work. Bryan adds, “Motivated by our passion for creativity, we strive to provide a unique hairdressing and urban lifestyle experience.” An evolution of international brand TONI&GUY, Essensuals represent a raw and edgy vibe and portray an international identity that sets them apart from others in the hairdressing industry.
My Personal Hair Journey
Location: Situated right in the front of Bugis Village (Above Burger King) - It is super easy to find becoz I must have walked past the fast-food restaurant at least 3479503 times while on my way to shopping or to do my nails.
Pic taken from the web
Interior: Upon walking up a short flight of stairs, I enter into a trendy, industrial designed hair salon that will not look out of place in Japan, Taiwan or Hongkong. There is a very airy and spacious feel about this place, and it spells contemporary chic. Its actually very simple and clean, but not bare. 
Pic taken from the web
Products by Sebastian line the walls as you take a walk into the salon.
The second thing that caught my eye was a cozy corner with a sofa and a X-box for restless boyfriends/husbands/family/friend waiting for you! Beat that!
Name me another salon with an X-box. Faster, I count to 5 only.
There is a pillar of Wella products towards the center of the salon, and pictures of gorgeous skinny models with perfectly coiffed hair.
For the zen, there is aromatherapy and posters on the current promotions for you to read while your hair is being taken care of. 
Im kidding. 
They give u many many magazines so you can read from cover to cover k! Then you no need to go and buy anymore lor.
And if you are super fussy and cant read to save your life ... HOW ABOUT AN IN-HOUSE IPAD WITH WIFI IN THE SALON!!!! Ok, you can thank me already. 
Let's start proper!
A before look at my hay, I mean hair.
Pretty hairstylist Isabel promises to come to my rescue and we decide to change my total outlook and go for something really really different for the new year!
Initially I had wanted to keep my blond hair .. but I also desperately wanted a change and I hated my black roots for showing so we instantaneously decided to go to the DARK SIDE this time round!
One last look at my light-coloured hair!
Bye bye blond~
Starting to bleach some parts ... wait ... Why you bleach when you want to go dark, you ask?
Later I show you k..!
Say hello to my BFF!
Not I purposely ask her to come down, but she was out running errands and decided to pop by to keep me company! Yay! BFF forever~
Bleach me baby!
DANGER : Work in progress keep out !
Alien in the house
BFF looking all so serious here
But actually she's addicted to playing Candy Crush! Anyone playing? I dunno what is it!
Back to something more important please.
After FIRST wash and blow
Halfway done!
Look at my BFF face! Omggg laugh die me can~
Remember those bleached portions?
Here's some PINK and PURPLE going on top of it!!!!!!! Say YEAH~!!!!!!!!
How can I possibly face a lifetime of BLACK hair without any COLOUR!
Excitedly awaiting the end result!!!!!! Woohoo!
Camera-shy Isabel! Lets towel dry it alittle first
Final snips 
And lets blow dry it!
I love Isabel for one main reason ... Besides the fact that she is totally humble and talkative (like me) 
Isabel patiently teaching me how to maintain my locks and how to blow dry for volume
End Result 
This is me after 6 hours in the salon!!!! 
I had to get rid of my old hair colour, bleach streaks in, colour them pink and purple painstakingly ... and top off with violet-tone dark dark brown for my new look!
Look at these CURLS. No curling tong involved wtf.
Isabel can you please stay at my house and blow dry my hair everyday like this..!!!!
Most importantly .. Thank you my dearest shortie for being there with me.. 
I dunno where to find another crazy friend to sit down next to me, talk cock (alot) and play Candy Crush while making sure I dun freak out during the whole time ( Going from Blond to near Black IS a scary process I can safely assure you..) and most importantly ... thank you for buying popcorn chicken for me when I is bery hungry!!!
Had dinner, talked more rubbish and went home! Here's my hair after I got home :)
Pink pink pink purple purple pink purple 
Can see?
I had it layered in my hair so I dun shock anyone at home .. and going dark means that I dun need to deal with touch-ups that often. My hair looks healthier now, but I dun sacrifice style (and read: boring hair) by having these peek-a-boo subtle pink and purple strips under.
One day after - And no washing of hair to lock the colour in!
Look at the colour
Under sunlight
Thank you all for staying with me ... and a BIG FLYING KISS to Essensuals Bugis for making it all possible! I would never have thought of going pink and purple so thank you Bryan, Carrie and Isabel and all the lovely assistants who helped me with my hair that day! xoxo
I do think that a picture speaks a thousand words so I really hope you've enjoy this post of mine!
It was a fun experience and most importantly I've learnt to take a breathe and step into the unknown.
"If you want your life to change, your choices and actions must change.  Every day brings a chance to start over." - Anonymous 
And I love myself for deciding to make a change :)
Should you do something for yourself today?
Take care.

Special Thanks once again to Essensuals Bugis!
Do check out their latest promotions and do remember to call 6333 0039 for an appointment!
Here's a picture afew days after!
A special discount perfect for the new year!
Let me explain why Mythic Oil is better than Moroccan Oil?
- The light clean fragrance
- The hair feels and looks treated from roots to ends
-Mythic Oil is light to the touch, clean, and natural feeling and looking compared to a heavier more synthetic looking and feeling Moroccan Oil.
-Mythic Oil is perfect for all hair types and porosities allowing the hair to grab what is needs, penetrating the cuticle. Moroccan Oil lays more on the surface leaving a cosmetic coating on the hair.
-Mythic Oil is multi-purpose, a pre-treatment, conditioning treatment, perfect for use with heat tools and an excellent finishing product.
So hurry and get your tresses pampered this Chinese New Year! xoxo
“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” 
-Taylor Swift
Essensuals BUGIS
Address : Bugis Village 241A Victoria Street Bugis Village
Singapore (188030)
Tel : 6333 0039
Opening Hours : Weekdays 11am-9pm
Weekends 10am-8pm
Twitter : @BugisEssensuals
Instagram : Essensualsbugis
Have a great week ahead! xoxo

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  1. I really really adore your new hair colour, is like your are going really reckless with the red but yet discreet by concealing it the brights so well! I say it is freaking awesome Elaine!

  2. Hello Dblchin!
    Hahah yes yes I was afraid that it will be too 'bright' so I toned it down by having it under the layers instead! Something different from the old hair colour I guess!
    But ur hair still ROCK big-time! I love yr purple hair babe! xo

  3. Thank u dear Rene! Your ombre hair also really really very nice!!

  4. Love love your hair color babe! See ya soon ;)

  5. love the purple hair and the curl! super love! and your bff is so cute!

  6. Its awesome hair colour! I love it.Your post is really amazing and informative.Thanks a lot!
    Hair Salon in Singapore | best hair salon in singapore


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