His Birthday Staycation at W Hotel Sentosa

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello and is it Thursday already? 
Its getting so close to the Chinese New Year and how is your spring cleaning coming along? I'm pretty much done with the cupboards in my toilet, and the ones in my room .. and I've recently cleared out a stack of clothes for donation and guess what. I found some clothes that I could actually keep so ~ yay! Its like buying new clothes AND getting rid of some too! Now Im left with the hub's wardrobe and mine .. its gonna be pretty fast coz I did a major closet clearing session last year so this time round its going to just be a mini spring clean and perhaps making it neater and tidier. I used to have a colour co-ordinated wardrobe but its so hard! I usually end up mixing them all together and then forget about the colours and what-not. Le sigh. First world problems. People dun have clothes but we have too many and nothing to wear. Keke.
W Hotel Sentosa
The next day right after the hubby's birthday party I got my second surprise up my sleeve actually .. and its a staycation to W Hotel Sentosa!  
We have always liked staying in W, but its the first time we are heading to the one in Sentosa coz its pretty new. So we're quite excited too.
But the bad thing is ... I woke up with a horrible hangover! Beer and champagne dun mix! 
The rooms were not ready when we got there after 3pm so we were invited to Woobar for a complimentary drink.
I wore my fuss-free Alwoodshop (click here!) Fifi Printed Animal Top $26 (Since sold out, sorry) coz I was really really having a bad headache! This top totally easy to throw on and goes with everything. I hate being hungover! Coz I cant think straight. Grrrrr. Quote ELAINE73AW for 10% off all purchases!
And he can still drink. What the.
Coffee is my best friend but all I really wanted was a place to LIE DOWN and grab an aspirin!!!! 
Finally we managed to get our room keys and walked into ................
The flower petals perked me up alittle! 
Thanks to our friend Al who knew someone from W! Thanks for the Welcome! It was GORGEOUS! 
I jumped in the private plunge pool straight! It really made me feel better!
We had birthday reservations at W Hotel's in house restaurant that evening so it was a great way to have a nice dinner without going too far.
Skirt is a steakhouse that has an emphasis on premium ingredients, they select the best meat and seafood available and make them the meal’s centerpiece - both on the plate and as an element of the restaurant’s décor. Modern lines and surfaces, along with natural materials and soothing golden hues add to the rare atmosphere with lush surroundings and island views, allow you to customize your experience.
They have an open kitchen concept which is very interesting and abit like Hell's Kitchen! I love the part when I can actually hear the chef calling out the orders - its a very different atmosphere when they do that! I saw the chef rolling his eyes and the sadistic part of me found it very funny! My husband say I siao. 
Choice Argentinean, Australian and U.S. meats are hung in “aging cabinets” alongside specialty cuts of milk-fed lamb, saltbush lamb and venison. 
Abit scary ... hahaha but my hubby was enthralled at the sight!  
I find the decor pretty magical! 
Maybe coz we are in Sentosa and it doesnt feel like any where in Singapore!
Chefs at work
My hubby went for the set menu while I decided upon the ala carte menu.
I had the Alaskan Crab entree, which was my highlight of the evening as this dish was extremely sweet and fresh and I liked how light it tasted.
Chef craving Parma ham for another table of patrons 
The olive oil and vinegar was in a unique small bottle on the table!
Sides for our steak. 
Portobello mushrooms and sweet potato puree. 
I had the lady's cut steak .. and I still find it too big a portion!
Hubby's steak.
And thank you Skirt for the bubbly! It was a very sweet gesture and I wasnt expecting it :)
I loved the service, love the atmosphere but the food was mediocre (for the price we paid!)  The menu was rather small too, so there wasnt alot of choices. And do request for a table near the bar counter instead, we had the ones nearer to the kitchen and while it was fun to see the behind-the-counter action, our view was of a multi-story carpark. (Yes really.) And although the carpark was nice with greenery and lights etc .. we walked to the other side and realised we could have the view of One Degree Sentosa! Alamak.
But it was a lovely end to the night and everyone was extremely friendly, service was prompt. I would like to try Morton's soon and perhaps make a comparison :D
Night view of W
Walking back to our room .. I cant help but to take a picture with this HUGE doggy!
This pretty much summed up our first night at W hotel, will be back soon on day 2! In the meantime, happy spring cleaning to all! I'll be doing the same! Haha!
Take care! xoxo

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