Last Part of My Melbourne Trip

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It was our last full day in Melbourne so the family set off early in the morning to the Chandon Winery located in  Maroondah Highway.
It was roughly an hour away from the city and we enjoyed the view of the country side 
Took a small pit stop 
This little shop was actually an organic farm that sells fresh produce!
Im an advocate of healthy living, I dun take much processed food if I can - but organic food is so expensive in Singapore! I wish we had the land & climate to cultivate our own vegetables.
The weather was chilly but I wore my Changeupp (Click here!) Lopez Leather Jacket! 
(Quote Elaine73 upon checkout for 10% discount off all purchases)
Look at this!
Want to resist the urge to pluck them off hahahha
Back on the road and here we are!
Driving in ..........
Its soooo BEAUTIFUL!
I think I can live here! And drink bubbly all day long ~
Domaine Chandon was established by French champagne house Moët & Chandon in 1986 and is dedicated to the production of méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine and premium quality, cool-climate still wines in Australia.
Big cork anyone?
I want to SWIM in champagne! 
There is a free wine tour organised by the winery and its a great way to know more about the harvesting and wine-making process of champagne and sparkling wine.
As you know, sparkling wine can only be called 'Champagne' when its produced in the champagne region of France, hence all other wineries in other countries eg Chandon can only use the term sparkling wine on their bottles. However, I personally see this as an extremely smart marketing move to pay more for the label. Some sparkling wine taste better than 'champagne' and cost much, much less!
Chandon produces red wine, white white and sparkling in their winery 
Oaks of wine
The effect of a barrel depends on the origin and age of the oak, the cooper, the size of the barrel and the length of time the wine spends aging in the barrel.
After the tour, we took a walk outside!
Love the lush greenery!
Headed to the Chandon cafe in for a drink!
Oysters and sparkling go hand in hand!
Best part of a wine tour : DRINKING!
Looking at this picture I thirsty again 
Time to head back to the city!
Back in town .. and congested.
Time time opposite the railway station
Pie and tea!
Walked around the city before our dinner appointment
On the way to the restaurant ..... I got a SHOCK! Wahahah! Got devil on the street?!
Flower Dome with my in-laws local friends for dinner
The service was so attentive! Hot towels was changed after every course, and we never had to ask for drink re-fills! No wonder the reservations here were so hard to get. And the food was pretty good, albeit tey were too heavy-handed on the salt for me. :p
Baked oysters! This was heavenly!
Lobster fried noodles
Pork ribs
Prawn paste fried chicken
Day 8 in Melbourne
The next day, we were due to fly off in the afternoon so we went to Victoria Market to get some fruits to bring home for relatives and friends!
Donut bus! Donuts are too sweet for me so I took a bite and the hubs finished it!
Queen Victoria Market is Victoria's premier open-air market. It's a thriving and vital place pulsating with life that houses hundreds of stalls selling an array of different items.
Love the Christmas ornaments!
Back to Victoria Market
Saw my favourite yogurt! Have to buy!
Besides selling fresh produce, Queen Victoria Market has stalls selling clothes, shoes and accessories 
Happiest buy from Melbourne! Skull rings!
(Look how serious I was lol)
Back to buying fruits!
We ended up buying mangoes!
Nice flowers!
Lunch in town
Famous beef noodles at Mekong! 
I had the chicken version coz I cant deal with having so much red meat in Melbourne!!
The sign was hilarious! 
"President Clinton has 2 bowls, how many can u have?" 
Packed up and its on the way to the airport!
Bye bye aussie land!
It was a treat being here!
Melbourne re-ignited my passion for coffee once again! I had coffee everyday there and it was sooo yummy~ I usually have teh in Singapore but I came back home with coffee withdrawal! LOL
Loving my Skull ring and it matched my SKULL NAILS FROM Milly's Nails
“If it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.”
- David Letterman
Have a great weekend, y'all!
Special Thanks once again to Milly's Nails for my over the top, crazily wonderful SKULL NAILS! 
I was in this crazy skull/goth/black/silver phrase (still am, actually) and I really wanted these huge 3D mad nails to commemorate me turning 30! It was so crazy, I had people stop me (Im not kidding you) and ask where I did them! Followed by, "How do you wash your hair!" 
Soaking off old ones
It looked tedious, but its was relatively quick all thanks to my manicurists at Milly's! 
My nails took me barely 2 and a half hours after soaking off my old ones and re-doing these 3D skulls and crowns on my gelish nails
Black black and more black! Think it was a way to say goodbye to my 20s. 
Picking out y 3D stick on-s!
My crazy cool skull crown black and silver nails for December!
Do remember to call in advance for CNY everyone!
Slots are taking up fast so do hurry!
Instagram : Millysbeauty
Last pic of my nails from my Instagram! 
“Sane is boring.” 
- R.A. Salvatore
Yes.. I had a diamond dangling from my thumb 
Love :D

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