Lesbo DiiDii's Mafia Party

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone!
Its a really cold and rainy day today so Im skipping yoga (heehee) to stay at home with a cuppa coffee and try to edit n finish all my pictures from last year! We're coming into the 3rd week of 2013 .. isnt it pretty a-amazing? I am grateful for all my friends, family and experiences in 2012 - for my new friends and also my old ones. You all mean so much to me :)
Last Christmas, we attended my lesbo's DiiDii's Christmas - cum Birthday - cum Housewarming party! 
Yes.. she's a Christmas baby!
And she's also 30 and FABULOUS! (Like me, lol!)
And flirty ....... :p
It was a MAFIA themed party and I love her wacky party ideas! She's my party queen ... hell yeah.
Party props!
It was Christmas Day so I wore my ClubCouture (click here!) Jean Mini Dress! 
It was a perfect black dress for the party!
My tattoo sleeve major FAIL
Dun mess with her!
Mafia king and queen
Most Supporting Mother goes to DiiDii's super young looking mummy!!!!!!
Mafia girlxxxxxx rule the world
The first part of the party and buffet was held at the clubhouse where we took pictures! 
Many many pictures!
Hello Spiffy! Elyzabeth's super cuteeee pretty dog!
We went back up to Dii's house for cake cutting!
Lets light the candles!
The cake was lovely! Roses and lace and black xx
Happy Birthday my darling lesbo!
Blow the candles - May your wishes come true!
Mafia family xx
Then suddenly ...........
The lights dimmed and the TV turned on!
Mafia husband has secretly made a super touching video for his mafia wifey!
Look at my lesbo! Touched beyond words.
Dunno want to laugh or cry when her baby pictures flashed on the screen! (For all to see!)
Mummy Ebmily!
The montage has the whole group in tears!
Elyzabeth .. dun CRY!!!
Your birthday party machiam wedding leh..... lesbo!
Thanks for the great time Lesbo! I had fun!
I wish you the best of health, luck and laughter for many many years to come and may you be happy forever and ever. I love you and Im thankful for all the rubbish conversations we have , the laughter we share and the common love for Hello Kitty that u have b(r)ought into my life! Looking sooo forward to our lesbo hongkong trip next month! Cant wait!
Sorry I was looking so horrid! Was coming down with a really bad flu that night but I had fun!
Back soon! Have a great weekend, guys!
Lesbo Lovers Forever~!
Thank you once again ClubCouture
My Jean Mini Dress was an absolute dream to wear!
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  1. Hi Elaine can I know where to get all the pros for mafia theme?

  2. Hello! The props have been individually sourced from the US, lax and nyc. However u can try our local party shops and see if they have similar items? I know Raffles City, Changi City Point and Bugis has party shops that might be able to help u :D


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