Melbourne Day 5 with Madam Butterfly

Monday, January 07, 2013

Hows your start of the week coming along? 
Mine's not so great after the weekend staycation with the hubby ... coz Im suffering from post-holiday blues and since now its back to the real world, - Im hoping that it's going to end up good. Positive thinking never hurts. Tee hee.
Day 5 of Melbourne
Woke up for PANCAKES!
Pancake Parlour is a real old school kinda place where the furniture seems to be here since day one.
Its a place of nostalgia for me, personally - having came here many times when I was previously in Melbourne for work. And yes.. nothing has changed too! 
Walked by this extremely interesting graffiti wall 
The colours are so attractive!
Burke street shopping area 
Walked to the historical Melbourne Post Office building which has since been converted into a shopping mall and I loved the clean feel and airy space of the place
GPO - General Post Office
Got silent protest going on outside
Love love love the Christmas deco! So simple, yet so nice and Christmas-y 
Street shots
Went to the Cathedral too!
They have such a long history, being built so long ago  its interesting to admire the architectural process and design of the building 
Look how grand it is!
Breathtakingly beautiful
Lunch time at Mekong Vietnamese Beef Noodles!
Went to Toorak street!
Shopping again! Keke (But never buy anything)
Went back to the hotel, changed and walked to the Arts Center
It was my Madam Butterfly show and I was really excited!

And it was crowded!
We couldnt take any pictures inside, but I have to give kudos to the setup. It was extremely detailed and carefully planned with its water stage and intricate costumes that every one wore. I've also never watched Madam Butterfly in person although I've seen the show on TV several times and its one of my favourite sad love stories of all time. So it was definitely a rare (and expensive!) treat in Melbourne! Tickets cost us a bomb and we only had circle seats! But it was really something that we couldn't miss out on! I have to say it was my highlight of the Melbourne trip and would do it again in a heartbeat. :)
Famished after the show, we headed back to the hotel for our late dinner!
Oysters was small but extremely sweet and juicy!
Its so easy to find reasonably priced oysters in Australia! Im missing these terribly.
Main courses
I really enjoyed dinner that night and was extremely appreciative of the staff for polite service even though they were almost closing and we felt bad for holding them up (although it was still plenty of people in the restaurant) so we ate everything in double quick time coz we didnt want to be the last to go!
But still, a lovely night with my hubs and it was so classic when I was telling him in Mandarin to finish his food faster and he kept saying "Later I kena indigestion worse ah!" Haha! Such memories to bring home.
Now its time for my dinner and Im telling myself that I really need to kickstart my yoga regime for 2013! I have so many things that I need to do this year and Im hoping to keep to some of the resolutions that I've failed to keep last year (or the many years before it) - and one of them is to START DIETING! 
Back soon!

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