Puffing Billy Train Ride on Melbourne Day 6

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy happy day!
Looking back at these pictures, Im feeling quite nostalgic becoz Im reminiscing on all the good times we had in Melbourne! In a way, Im thankful for having this small little space - it brings back so many feelings, sentiments and the state of mind when I was writing the post. And thats also why I rarely, very seldom, in fact ,almost never talk about sad or depressing stuff becoz its never the negative things that I want to remember. I want to remember all the good times and great experiences that I have with my friends and family. Be it going overseas, trying new clothes, buying new shoes or something as simple as a wonderful dinner with the people I truly love. Because I only want to remember the great stuff here. :)
Melbourne Day 6
We headed out to Toorak Street (again!) to buy some stuff before dropping by Westfield Mall for lunch
Wore my new Amebelle Rina Denim Peplum top in Black that day too!
I love Priceline ~ its the ang moh version of Watsons and I can really spend the whole day there!
Laughing like this coz I kept the hubby waiting outside for a very long time wahaha! *Evil*
Ate some of my favourite yogurt! 
Cant find it here locally so I always try to find it when Im in Australia.
But the actual agenda for the day is the PUFFING BILLY STEAM TRAIN!
We bought the tickets and boarded the train!
 This century-old steam train is still running on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook in the scenic Dandenong Ranges. The Puffing Billy steam train is a genuine relic of more leisurely days. An historic steam train that is still running regularly in the mountain district as it was built to serve the people at the turn of the century. The Railway is the major survivor of four experimental lines used to develop rural areas in the early 1900s. The Puffing Billy is now a major tourist attraction and its operation depending on hundreds of dedicated volunteers to try to restore it back to its former glory days.
Look at the cabin! So retro de~!
We can also sit on the edge of the window to fully enjoy the view!
Look at us! *Choot choot choot choot*
Its called the Puffing Billy becoz of the use of steam! Look at it rise~!
It was really alot of FUN!
Conductors were also extremely friendly and explained to us animatedly about the history 
Going through the woods
There are afew quick stops along the way but most of the passengers are tourists (on a 2 way ticket) so nobody really got down between the stops!
The train stopped at Lakeside for a quick refuelling stop so we took some pictures at the station!
Love the train! And the whole time I was thinking of my darling godson coz his favourite cartoon is Thomas the Train! Super funny lor coz I kept going "Poo poo ~ poo poo" during the entire train journey!
The exterior of Puffing Billy
Train conductor!
I found this on the Puffing Billy Website and I found it extremely interesting! 
So, what does our local MRT fare pay for? :p
I hope that the Puffing Billy Trains never goes out of service becoz they are really a very important part of history and its so interesting to be able to take a steam train and admire the view at the same time! Perhaps its not as efficient now as a mode of transport, but it was extremely fun to take a joyride on the steam train just this once for leisure.
Went passed this 'wheel tree'!
Soon, another stop!
The people there are so friendly.. here's a  conductor waving at us - but the passer-bys on the roadside actually do stop and wave at the train as it passes by them! So cute!
Continuing our journey!
Thank you for the ride!
Back to where we started!
Saw a retro looking red post box on the way to the carpark to get the car!
Its the end of my Melbourne Day 6 Part 1 .. will be back soon with a short Part 2 soon! Heading off to bed and off to watch some TV! Taped some shows and need to catch-up on it ~
Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Take care xoxo~
Special Thanks once again to Amebelle for their gorgeous Rina Denim Peplum top in Black $22! 
My previous post for Amebelle : here!
This peplum top was extremely flattering to wear, and totally in rage now. Wear it with a bondage skirt for a feminine look, or wear it like me with dark skinny jeans and a leather jacket!
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Happy Shopping!
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