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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One day in Hello Kitty land ............ 
 A parcel from VanityTrove arrived at the door 
Its the Valentine Day VT Edition! 
Filled up with goodies and all to the brim..!
Kitty must read up on all the product information that can be found in the Vanitytrove magazine issue in every trove! There are special offers, discount coupons and even makeup tips!
Lets take a look at what we got!
My Beauty Diary Face Mask (Full-size 01 pc)
-Job's Tears Brightening Mask with Wild Yam Hydra Cream-
This is an additional item for a sneak preview for the March VanityTrove edition! You can get it if you use the code "ELAINE73" in your subscription HERE 
 I've been using masks from My Beauty Diary for the longest time ever since I bought them in Taiwan and I like how reasonable priced they are and they moisturized my skin pretty well! I use 01 mask every 2-3 days to keep my skin supple and Im pretty excited to try this 2 Step Mask out. This is slightly different from the ones I have becoz this has an additional 'cream' that comes with the mask. 
Instructions : Use sheet mask for 15-20 mins. Remove and apply Hydra Cream on to skin. Massage cream into skin for additional hydrating purposes.
Yuan Soap (Sample size)
This should be a pretty new natural product in the market. They come in Mandarin Orange, Honeysuckle, Wild Patchouli, Lemon and Oat. This range of facial soap treats different skin conditions and my sample (Honeysuckle) is wonderful for diminishing heat and dampness.
Available at Guardian.
PureDKNY Rose (Sample vial)
I really like this! :D
[Review] : Im a sucker for anything that smells of roses .. essential oils, flowers, skincare etc so this really rocked my boat! It wasnt overly sweet, and smelt very fresh. I would wear this on a daily basis, very good for summer.But I also love it becoz this perfume marks the partnership of DKNY with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation that lifts women out of poverty.
 Might re-purchase esp as a gift to a family or loved one.
Phytomer Hydrasea Serum (Sample size)
A light-weight and ultra moisturizing serum that immediately melts into skin. The star ingredient, Hydraseas is known for its exceptational power in restructing the skin moisture.
[Review] : It instantly melted into my skin and my skin felt smooth and dewy. 
Iderm Placenta Serum (Sample size)
The secret ingredient in this amazing , silky smooth serum is the concentrated sheep placenta extract. A rich source of bioactive nutrients like essential amino acids, placental protein, SOD, nucleic acids and growth factors , the Iderm Placenta Serum provides intense hydration to parched skin.
[Review] : This felt more 'oily' as compared to the Phytomer serum (above). It also has a slight 'smell' which I deduce might be due to the animal protein in the serum. It is not offensive but might be alittle getting used to. I have heard of raves on skincare products using placenta, so I will brave it n try this and see how it goes! I also like the dropper design, I find it great for controlling the amount of serum used.
Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (Sample size)
Formulated for Asian skins, this contains the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution that is 100% active. It immediately targets deep-set dark spots. The power packed key ingredient Activated C, has anti-cluster technology that breaks apart discolorations and prevent melanin clusters.
[Review] : This is a god-sent to me! I have relatively good skin, but I do get pimples from time to time (who doesnt) and after the pimple is healed, I get a slight reddish mark on my skin and it bothers me no end. So I will use this sparingly on the spots and I hope they go away soon lol. Similarly I like the dropper and becoz this serum is so concentrated, one small drop is suffice per spot.
Origins Plantscription Face Serum (Sample Size)
This delivers wrinkle-reducing power without the effects of photo-sensitivity. Formulated with Siegesbeckia and Rosemary extract to rebuild skin collagen and elastin, it suits all skin types.
[Review] : This feels more like a cream than a serum rather, it was slightly more thicker in consistency as compared to the rest of the 'liquid' serums that I tried on earlier. Upon application, it dried to a smooth finish but I think I have to use it for an extended period of time to see if it really will reduce my wrinkles!
Lovemore Facial Masks (Full-size 01 pc)
-French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask-
Another favourite of mine! LoveMore facial masks are also very reasonably priced (5 pc $8.90 - available at Watsons and and I always try out different types of face masks from them. They have such a wide range, Im sure you can find something suitable for your skin type.
[Review] : Thankfully it didnt have any caviar smell! Caviar is so fishy, so I was hoping that it won't smell like that! Lol. This had a slight perfumed smell, but most importantly it did leave my skin hydrated. Slightly sticky after feel upon removal , but definitely no complains due to its low price and for the convenience of a sheet mask.
Skin79 BB Cream(Sample size)
-VIP Gold Whitening-
The first skincare brand to invent a new skincare category in 2006, Skin79 ignited a worldwide BB cream craze. This super skin-savers pack as many as 10 skincare benefits in a single product.
[Review] : I received the Gold range which is for whitening. It includes SPF 25+ which I like. The colour seems to blend well with my skin but I will try it out further and update accordingly. It dried to a dewy finish, typical of a BB cream so it will be great for girls who prefer a more natural look. I like this size as I think it will be perfect for travel and there is no risk of breakage or spills. 
 Hope you enjoyed this little review! 
I know Hello Kitty had a great time with the products and if you are interested to have a surprise at your doorstep every month, do drop by VanityTrove (Click Here!)
Happy mid-week! Take care!
[The products was provided to me for review purposes]
Thank you VanityTrove once again!
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Here's a look at the rest of the masks available
March VanityTrove
Subscription for March VanityTrove ends on Feb 14th so do hurry! 
Bye bye! xo

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