Dove Intense Repair Hair Review

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[Review] Hello everyone! I do have to apologize for neglecting this space of mine! Things have been such a crazy, fun mess after we got back from Beijing - that I really had no time to sit down to finish my posts! I have a TON of pictures from the week before I flew off and I promise to sit down and write it all down, proper! I've been also skipping events unless absolutely necessary, as I really wanted to take it slow on advertising posts, but rather more on myself, musings, travel and friends. As Im currently working on another personal post, I just wanted to quickly share how I love the new DOVE Intense Repair Hair range that was recently sent to me even though I couldn't make it to the launch. I don't write about things I dun believe in, but I've been an avid Dove user (great product value for the prices~!) and I really enjoyed using this range for dry, damaged hair.
Dove® Intensive Repair system contains breakthrough Keratin Repair Actives that absorb into Keratin already present in your hair, and repair proteins at the cellular level. 
Expect Lustrous locks without excess residue
I received 6 items from the range and will be doing a short introduction on each for this post
Dove® Intensive Repair Shampoo + Conditioner 
• Gentle, everyday moisture doesn't weigh hair down.
• Strengthens hair* and prevents split ends.
• Leaves hair silky to the touch and healthy-looking.
• Hair is easy to manage and style.
Initial Impression : I dunno about you.. but when I caught a whiff of the trademark Dove scent once I opened the lid of the shampoo .. all childhood memories of using Dove body wash came rushing back to me! Dove had their extremely popular 1990s advertisement with a piece of yellow pH paper dipped into a wet bar of soap and the realization that I NEED TO HAVE NEUTRAL pH SOAP made me rush out to buy my first Dove product. Never mind that I was young and didnt really know what the hell was pH anyways. Oops okies, back to shampoo and conditioner. This product was easy to lather and made shampoo-ing a breeze becoz it didnt dry out my hair like some shampoos did. I used a 50c amount of conditioner for my long hair and it made it silky soft after I rinsed it out.
Dove® Intensive Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner
With Micro Moisture Serum and Fiber Actives 
Initial Impressions : This product is GREAT for extremely dry and damaged hair. Meant to be used like a mask (Leave it on for 1-3 minutes) this provided moisture relief when my hair has been through heat damage like curling or alot of hair spray abuse. 
Dove®Intensive Repair All day Repair Cream 
Its leave-on formula works 24 hours to moisturize hair 
Initial Impressions : As a leave-on conditioner, its a lotion-based repair cream and it leaves a light Dove scent on my hair after blow drying. Its not my favorite product in the range, but at least it does not leave any residue or sticky after-feel.
Dove®Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment
Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair struggle is damage. Tha's why they put damage care and repair at the heart of everything they do. 
Initial Impressions : Think of this as a hair serum that you apply on your hair before you retire for the night. I sleep in air-con and its really damaging to my hair so I appreciate this innovative product that do not stain my bedsheets. I apply it to clean hair before I head to bed and it keeps it moisturized while I go to dreamland.  
Dove®Intensive Repair Treatment Mask 
Another intensive mask that contains fiber actives and vita protein complex.
Initial Impressions : This is literally the conditioner x10! Alittle goes a long way, so I used a 50c amount for my hair , concentrating on the ends only. One of my favorite products from the range, this is really a god-sent for my bleached hair and it leaves the Dove scent once Im done drying my hair. If you have extremely dry and hair that is prone to tangles, you need to get this and do a hair mask at least twice a week and trust me, you will feel and see the difference!
I love this Dove®Intensive Repair range and have been using it for more than a week! 
Thanks Dove for your generosity and Im glad to say that it worked great for me! 
Wanna see?
Before using the Dove®Intensive Repair system 
I didnt even use a hair brush!
Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Will be back real soon ~ now I have to go prepare dinner! In-laws are not in town so Im cooking mama for the hubby! Poor guy has to eat my cooking but hey, at least I try! Hehehe!
The Dove®Intensive Repair range can be found in all Watsons, pharmacies and supermarkets.
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  1. oooh okay thanks for the review :) and also for the before and after picture ive got the shampoo and a conditioner but not the treatment one :)

  2. I use to use Dove but found it weighed my fine hair down and over all didn't do much as far is improving the health of my hair. I have been using Pro Naturals, costs a but more, but the results are AMAZING. It leaves my hair super shiny and soft without weighing it down and uses natural ingredients including Argan Oil. By far the best hair care line I have come across.

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